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Are you a beauty blogger, interested in all things womanly or a freelance writer looking for extra exposure? We’re accepting health, fitness, fashion and beauty guest posts now, so please contact us on the form below if you wish to write for us! We’d love to hear from you and respond to all requests within 48 hours.

Fashion, Fitness, Health & Beauty Guest Posts – Write For Us!

Exciting opportunity to contribute to a leading female lifestyle blog as a guest blogger or regular contributor.

Make sure you are familiar with our beauty blogger contributor guidelines before submitting:

Guest Post Guidelines

  • All articles must be relevant to a 96% female audience and we prefer articles related to beauty, lifestyle, health and wellness, fitness and fashion.
  • Articles must obviously be unique (we check).
  • 600 words minimum, and it needs to actually provide the reader with useful information (no generic articles). We also prefer for articles to actually target a keyword people are searching in Google for rather than a general topic.
  • Take time to format your articles (H3s for sub headings, use short paragraphs etc).
  • Include 1 link to another article on our website (internal link).
  • Please link out to 2-4 external references. We prefer a handful of outbound links per article to related content, not just links to your own websites.

If you’re interested in submitting a guest post for us, just send an email to sophia ‘at’ allherthings.com

In your email, include:

  1. A few examples of past articles (preferrably not only on your own website)
  2. A couple potential article topics you’d like to write for All Her Things
  3. Let me know the site you are writing for/linking out to in your article