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Unconventional DIY Cleaning Tricks

DIY Cleaning

I can’t think of anyone who enjoys the task of cleaning out their trash cans. Be they indoor or outdoor bins there is no joy in scrubbing out weeks of garbage residue that has built up on the bottom or sides of your container(s). We all know that plastic bags/liners can get punctured by sharper or protruding items that have been discarded. That can lead to leaks and the no-joy task of trash can cleaning.

But! There is a solution to this as well. Use an extra plastic bag (from the grocery store or from your regular bags/liners box) as a floor liner inside your receptacle. Then put down layers of old newspaper of paper bags you can no longer use for anything else. The paper(s) absorb any leaks from your main bag and the plastic under the bags stops any residue from sticking to your can.

Each time your garbage is collected you can simply repeat the process to avoid having to ever clean out those once-nasty cans.

Sticky situations and their dust-removal solutions

The motive: It’s easy to ignore lampshades, speakers, and the insides of drawers because it’s tough to get them clean with regular dusting. With its strong adhesive, packing tape is the answer—it grabs dirt from fabric and crevices.

The method: Press a foot-long stretch of tape onto the surface, then pull it back to pick up the grime. To get crumbs out of drawers, ball up the tape, leaving much of the sticky side facing out. Tap the ball onto the debris, applying extra pressure to catch stubborn pieces

No matter how much you clean you can’t always get everything picked up the way you’d like. Corners, curves, angles and hard-to-reach places are always concerns/obstacles/issues. Plus, many times when using a traditional dusting method, a good portion of the dust escapes into the air, floats around and lands somewhere else anyway. Our living room has 20ft high ceilings with lots of windows and a ceiling fan. The other day I was writing in that room to catch the spring air and sunshine when my wife decided it was a great time to bring out a ladder and clean the ceiling fan. Needless to say it was like volcanic ash floating downward and into my coffee. While it’s hard to be mad at someone for cleaning, I do prefer my coffee to be free-trade, and…lint-free.

What’s the solution to this sticky situation?

One word: Tape.

That’s right, be it duct, scotch, masking or packing,  a strip of tape works like an aggressive lint brush on those hard-to-reach places. And since the dust and dirt all sticks to the tape, it also prevents that residual “dust-in-your-coffee” effect.

Dig Up Hidden Those “Treasures” In Your Rugs

Whether you’re using a Dust Buster or the best, full-size home vacuum cleaner on the market, carpet fabric collects hordes more hidden “treasures” than you can see, and…that your machine can really pick up. And the deeper the shag, the less you bag.

So what can you do to really get that carpet cleaned? Try using an old, loose comb after your 1st round of vacuuming. Run it over the carpet so that extra dirt, crumbs and dust pop up to the surface. Then vacuum again. And if you really want to get hard-core, grab a clean car, window or shower door squeegee and run that over your carpet. Make sure it’s rubber because the combination of its stickiness and the static electricity it will create being rubbed across carpet will pick up hair and other small debris your vacuum would have/could have missed. Find out the best vacuum and dig into these vacuum cleaner reviews.

This drinks on the house. Or the mattress, rather

Everyone loves the feeling and smell of clean bed sheets. But how many people think about what’s underneath those sheets; the mattress? Mattresses can absorb the same oders and dirt that sheets can. And even though it takes them longer to do so, the build-up over time on an un-cleaned mattress surface can result not only in unwanted smells, but diminish its longevity.

The problem is you can’t really make it “wet” with what would seem to be normal cleaning solutions because

  1. It needs more time to dry than you likely have to give it before you need to sleep on it again
  2. There is likely not enough ventilation for the mattress to dry properly

So what does dry quickly and still packs some cleaning power in its proverbial punch?

Vodka. Yes, vodka. Keep a cheap bottle on hand and fill up a spray bottle with the world’s least-finest brand. The vodka both sterilized the mattress and the alcohol dries fast.

Here comes the sun

The motive: Even if you put the containers in the dishwasher, you can never get them fully, good-as-new clean. The sun’s rays are akin to a natural bleach, so they eliminate most stains.

The method: After washing the containers in the sink with dish soap and warm water, place them on a clean tea towel in the sun. Let sit for eight hours. Rinse and let dry.

Plastic containers never seem to get fully clean, even after being washed ina dishwasher. Olive oil, spaghettis sauce and so many more items can leave you feeling like you can’t re-use the container.

Well, don’t worry because the sun rises with each new day, and in this case, with a new cleaning trick.

The rays of the sun actually work like a high-powered bleach without the odor or toxins,

Wash your containers with soap and hot water like you normally would but instead of placing them in the dish rack to dry, place them on a towel and set them outside in the sun. After a full day of rays you can bring them back in, rinse off and then sit them back in the rack to dry.

You can even sit outside and catch some rays for yourself. Who says that tanning isn’t working?