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Top Health Benefits of Crossfit for Women

crossfit for women

If you have been anywhere near a gym recently, you probably would have heard about Crossfit . Taking the fitness world by storm just as Zumba once did, its popularity around the workout is growing. Crossfit  is extremely beneficial for women. We will look at the top reasons why Crossfit for women is such a beneficial workout system. Trust me, there’s plenty!

Top Reasons You Should Give Crossfit  for Women a Try


crossfit for women

1. Get Stronger Without Looking Too Muscular

This is why Crossfit for women is the perfect workout. Women typically will not develop large muscles from workout routines focused on strength due to possessing less of a hormone known as hypertrophy. Still, Crossfit girls will get more defined and toned after doing this workout consistently. Therefore, if giving further definition to your body shape is your top goal, choose Crossfit for women and reap the benefits!

2. Increase Your Strength

On top of this, you Crossfit women experience increased strength. It may not be as noticeable as men in muscle size but you will observe a sharp increase in how strong you are. Research has proven that women can increase their strength within the same timeframe as men. If you are looking to see these results, check them out when you are at home or doing more weights at the gym. You will find you may be able to lift more after a few weeks, or punch harder in those Muay Thai sessions every Wednesday.

3. Burn Calories Like There’s No Tomorrow!

One of the top reasons Crossfit for women is to beneficial and often results in women doing it in the long term is because of its powerful calorie burning abilities. Researchers from the University of Wisconsin tracked 16 healthy subjects who do not do Crossfit. What happened when they did? They were measured to lose around 12 calories every minute! What an intense yet effective workout! Moreover, their heart rate was never raised too high. So if all of the rumours that Crossfit is extremely intensive are putting you off, don’t let them!

4. Your Motivation to Exercise Will Increase

Crossfit offers a wide range of exercises. It is fun too! In the beginning, many women need extra motivation to get out after a long day and go to that Crossfit session in the evening. Once you go, however, you may get addicted.
It’s unlike the monotonous exercise bike ride or running and sweating for lengths. The instructor is usually super enthusiastic and the drills are short, intense, but interesting! Plus, you will have some good music pumping in the background. The more you enjoy the workouts you do, the more you will want to keep it up, which helps you see results more quickly!

5. It Utilizes HITT (High Intensive Interval Training)

Instead of doing drills or workouts at a steady and constant pace, you will experience shorter bursts of intense drills. This high level of work for shorter time periods has been proven to benefit your psychological state. It also has a significant impact on how fit you get and how much weight you lose. HITT increases your metabolism, so your body burns fat much faster.

Also, your muscles are constantly adapting to new load, so keeping things varied will keep challenging your body. Even though Crossfit training makes you tired quicker, you will maximize your workout. Therefore you should only have to do half the amount of training you usually do. So you cut down on time and make your workout more effective!

6. Decreases the Risk of Osteoporosis

Another amazing reason women should try Crossfit is due to weight training helping to keep muscles healthy and increase the bone mineral density. Because this slowly declines with age, especially in women, it’s important to keep up this workout along with regular calcium. This also goes for problems such as back pain, injury and arthritis. Why? Crossfit builds stronger muscles. With regular conditioning, your body will be able to build stronger stability in your joints and connective tissues in the muscles.


As you can see, there are plenty of health and fitness benefits when it comes to Crossfit for women. Not only will you see improvements in your overall health and sports performance, you will also feel lighter and more toned! If you are still debating on taking the classes, just take note of some of the benefits and you can experience them yourself soon enough!


This is a guest post from Anthony, a sport enthusiast and sports blogger at Stetsports.com – where he shares his experience doing outdoor sports and gym training.