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Top Curling Wands: The Best Curling Wands on the Market

If you’re looking around for good curling wands or find yourself asking “what is the best curling wand out there” on search engines, then you can stop right now as we created a review article to let you know about our top picks and why they’re the best choice if you want to get the best bang for your buck.

Below we list seven different curling irons to choose from, from entry-level wands to professional leveled tools – all to make sure you get the curls and waves you deserve while spending less!

We included several different brands, from Sarah Potemba to Remington, visiting Jose Eber’s products as well in order to guarantee our Top Curling Wands’ list has something for everyone and ensuring you learn a bit of what the market has to offer in general.

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Remington CI9538


Jose Eber Curling Iron


Miraqueen Professional Curling Iron


Sultra The Bombshell Rod Curling Iron


Pro Series 25mm Curling Iron-Hot Pink


Miraqueen Professional Steam Curling Wand


The Beachwaver Rotating Curling Iron


Best Curling Wand 2016

Remington CI9538: Tstudio Salon Collection

This device can reach up to 410 degrees and takes about thirty seconds to heat up, while maximizing safety levels by being accompanied by a heat resistant glove and an automatic shut off function that triggers when an hour as elapsed.

The digital controls and its display give it a professional feel, so if you’re on a budget this is a tool you should consider.

Remington is famous for its tools and appliances and it definitely took everything it learned on other niches to make the hair styling tools it produces comfortable and amazingly simple.

If you’re looking for a tool that just does it and doesn’t get complicated, then this one is for you – grab it if you’re on a budget or you really don’t think getting a professional grade wand is worth it for you.

Jose Eber Curling Iron: 19mm Pink Curling Wand

Jose Eber’s curling irons do have a top spot on most entry level curling wand reviews, and we thought it would be unfair not to mention its 19mm pink curling wand model since it is quite elegant with its aluminum coat and ceramic technology, while being extremely comfortable to work with thanks to its stellar revolving handle.

It is light weight and always delivers, thanks to its performance. You won’t even notice you’re holding it, so if you focus on comfort, check this one out.

Though the barrel isn’t one of the biggest, size isn’t everything as the tool is pretty reliable to use, like most of the other Jose Eber products who always have inherent qualities you sometimes fail to see in other brands.

Finally, just looking at that vibrant pink makes this iron even more attractive – who doesn’t love a vibrant color like that?

Miraqueen Professional Curling Iron

One of the best curling wands out there, the Miraqueen Professional Iron packs three different heat levels and four different timer settings, so you can customize your curling experience.

An auto-power off function and its ceramic technology also protect both your house and your hair from damage. We advise using the highest heat level of 450F to get a long-lasting curl.

Don’t be afraid if it breaks, as it includes a One-Year warranty, but the device is actually pretty durable, thanks to its build and the way it always lets you know how it’s doing via its LED screen display.

This iron is quite durable and sturdy while still being amazingly smooth and comfortable to use, a mix we rarely see in any product.

Bombshell Rod Curling Iron by Sultra

So, you were browsing for curling wand reviews in order to make sure you get the most beautiful and luxurious looking curls? Well, search no further as the Bombshell Rod by Sultra is the key to get that result.

One of the things that really pops out when using this curling iron is the fact that it is so quick to deliver results – you’ll be able to get the same results other wands give you but in half the time it takes them to do just that.

The Sultra’s Bombshell Rod really cares about pampering you out, so if you think curling irons are usually too aggressive on your hair and scalp, then consider getting this model as it really goes the extra mile in order to guarantee you’re getting a soft treatment, consider its ThermaTru patented technology, which makes sure your hair gets a smooth treatment and your cuticle is well taken care of.

Pro Series 25mm Curling Iron-Hot Pink: Jose Eber

Another Jose Eber curling wand, this time we’re talking about the ceramic coated Pro Series 25mm.

The barrel is one inch (25 mm) and packs a clip-less design in order to get you professional level results.

This model comes with a lifetime warranty, so you should consider its durability as well. Don’t worry about getting burned hands, as a handy protective glove is included in the deal.

If you’re interested in professional tiered curling irons, then this is definitely something worth checking.

Like most of the Jose Eber products, you’re looking at a sturdy and durable wand that is fit to stand the test of time, as long as you properly maintain it and avoid leaving it unpacked on your bathroom, exposing it to erosion and other harmful elements.

Miraqueen Professional Steam Curling Wand

There is something we want to get out of the way when discussing this Miraqueen professional wand, and that is the addition of the new patented technology named NewSTEAM, which makes this one of the safest and most hair friendly wands out there.

The ceramic technology with the above tech implemented makes this 3 heat level wand so easy and safe to use you’ll start questioning on why you didn’t get it earlier.

Notice that although this device is highly durable, you’re also given a 1 year warranty – so don’t worry about getting a faulty item as it will be quickly replaced, no hassles and no questions asked.

The iron also packs a LED display which will notify you of a vast array of things, from temperature and timers down to the curling direction.

The Miraqueen Professional wand is definitely worth mentioning for those serious about buying a high performance curling iron, as it is known to be used in many hair salons.

The Beachwaver Rotating Curling Iron: Sarah Potempa

Last but certainly not least, we present you the Beachwaver Rotating Curling Iron by Sarah Potempa, an iron that is becoming increasingly popular and that won several performance and design awards including:

  • Best Heat Styling Tool: Awarded by Star Magazine;
  • Editor’s Pick: Awarded by TotalBeauty.

Needless to say the Beachwaver wand is pretty famous and capitalizes on the best features the niche has to offer. This work of art was developed by Sarah Potempa herself – a celebrity hairstylist – so you know it was designed to work for the stars throughout this world.

Another thing we should definitely mention is that the curling wand rotates to both sides, so it is capable of giving you curls like no other – Hollywood quality curls and waves at the press of a button.

This luxurious gadget is capable of heating up to 450F in less than thirty seconds, which is something remarkable.

With all of this in mind, we should definitely count this one among the best curling wands to ever be invented and sold.

Let’s talk about buying conditions: The price is really affordable and it comes with a limited one year manufacturer’s warranty.


We listed seven good curling wands, but there are a lot of others which may be just as good or even better. Consider that this list was made while balancing cost with perceived and real value, so it considers how much value you get for the amount of money invested.

This means we gauged each curling iron individually to make sure we gave you a list which illustrates different price ranges, different quality output but mostly a better money-value ratio, which we know is one of the most considered attributes when buying something.

We hope you found this list useful and that you now have a lot to pick from when considering to buy a new curling wand online. Stay tuned for more useful content and new product reviews.

Best Curling Iron for Long Hair

Conair Infiniti Pro Nano-Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron

This curling iron works great for normal to severely-damaged hair, regardless of the texture. Thanks to its tourmaline coating and ceramic material, the heat is released evenly on your hair, while preventing frizz. This will result in smooth, frizz-free, shiny, and healthy hair. The 1/4-inch barrel is perfect for creating loose curls, while the 1 1/2-inch width is for voluminous curls. With these powerful features, you can easily curl your hair the way you want it, without worrying about damage.

Babyliss Pro Perfectly Matched BABNT125S

This Babyliss Pro curling iron is perfect for buyers with thick to coarse hair. Made of titanium, this device produces high heat to easily curl unruly hair without causing damage. This material releases negative ions like tourmaline. The heat is distributed evenly to allow for consistent hair styling. People with thin or damaged hair, however, should avoid using the maximum heat to avoid frying the strands and should only focus on lower temperature settings.

Hot Tools Supertool with Multi-Heat Control

Hot Tools has been producing high-quality hair styling tools for years. This curling iron works great on long hair. It helps create large and soft curls to add volume.

The barrel is gold-plated (24K), and uses Pulse Technology that ensures even heat for consistent styling. The heat is adjustable, as well, up to 430 degrees Fahrenheit. The easy-grip handle allows for comfortable styling. Other features include the eight-foot cord and two replacement springs. What’s notable about this product is its one-year warranty, ensuring it stays in good condition for years.

Best Curling Iron for Thick Hair

Remington CI9538 T Studio Collection

The T Studio curling iron is perfect for anyone with thick hair. What’s nice about this product is its straight-forward features. It makes it easier for you to create various curl sizes. It features an adjustable temperature settings that can heat up for up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit within 30 seconds. The unit automatically shuts off after 60 minutes, which is a notable safety feature. Its conical shape (thicker at the base, thinner at the end) allows you to choose your desired curl size.

Bed Head Deep Waver

This curling iron allows you to create loose waves with ease. It is made of ceramic, so your hair is well-protected and stays frizz-free. Using this product is easy, as well. All you have to do is place the hair inside the clamp and pull the unit down to create the curls. This product is already wave-shaped, so curling your hair is extremely easy. Its ceramic material ensures that the heat is evenly-distributed without causing damage.

GHD Classic 1-inch Styler

This one-inch curling iron is great for every day use. Thanks to its ceramic material that allows for safe and even heating. Its one-inch plates work great in leaving your hair well-styled, smooth, shiny, and frizz-free.

Since the barrel is rounded, you can freely choose between going wavy and curly. The ceramic material allows it to heat up in seconds, while its automatic shut-off feature turns the unit off after 30 minutes for safety. The unit comes with a nine-inch swivel cord, as well as a protecting casing for storage.

Best Curling Iron for Fine Hair

Karmin G3 Salon Pro Clipless Curling Wand

This tool features an ergonomic and lightweight design that makes it convenient to use. There is an adjustable temperature setting that has a maximum heat of 410 degrees Fahrenheit. With such a wide heat range, you can freely use this tool on any hair type.

Furthermore, this clipless device comes with a heat mat where you can safely rest it as you work with your hair. The carrying case protects the unit and makes it portable. Other features include a heat-resistant grip, PTC heater, and a swivel cord.


This curling iron set features three different sizes to let you create various curls. The package includes an extra one-inch tapered barrel, as well. All barrels are made of tourmaline and ceramic, and use far-infrared technology to promote frizz-free and healthy curls. The digital controls allow you to adjust the heat. Its versatility makes buying of curling irons in different sizes unnecessary, making it an economical hair styling tool that is worth considering.

T3 Whirl Trio (Interchangeable)

This interchangeable curling wand offers a unique feature. It comes with three different barrels for versatility. There is no more need to buy curling irons of different sizes. The barrels use ceramic and tourmaline to prevent frizz and damage.

They heat up pretty fast, too, mainly because of the ceramic material used. You can adjust the temperature up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit. Other notable features include the swivel cord, universal voltage, and automatic shut-off. All of these allow for optimal styling without worrying about damage.

Best Curling Iron for Beachy Waves

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InStyler Max Two-Way Rotating Iron

This curling iron offers two awesome ways of styling your hair. It does not just rotate, but it can move in both directions. The double-click feature allows you to switch direction easily. What’s nice about this device is that it moves gently, so it does not damage your hair.

You will notice that it comes with two main parts: the plates and the bristles. The black plates are made of tourmaline and ceramic. The bristles use ionic technology that smoothen your hair as you go.

Sedu Revolution Clipless Curling Iron

This one does not rotate, but its lack of clip allows for easy and quick wrapping of hair. The tourmaline-ceramic combination of the cylinder releases far-infrared heat with large amounts of negative ions to prevent frizz and promote shine. With these powerful features, you can create loose waves with ease. Make sure to section your hair by selecting strands that are not too chunky, so you can easily produce gorgeous waves.

Sarahpotempa Beachwaver Pro Curling Iron

This curling iron can rotate through each curl to help you style with ease. The rotating feature allows you to create curls without needing to twist your wrist. It makes styling more convenient and quick.

Simply clamp a section of your hair, while holding the device horizontally. You can press either the L (left) or R (right) button, and then Go to start styling. The curls are released once you let go of the clamp. Make sure to remove the device through the middle of every curl.

Best Curling Iron for Short Hair

Conair Infiniti Pro Curl Secret

This Curl Secret from Conair’s Infiniti Pro product line has a unique design that allows you to curl your hair perfectly. It features a closeted tourmaline-ceramic chamber, instead of an open barrel design. You can instantly curl your hair using this chamber, where each strand receives heat evenly.

Furthermore, this curling tool heats up to 400 degrees, perfect for almost any hair type. It is capable of handling even the most stubborn hair type. Other features include the timer settings, sleep mode, and an energy efficiency tool.

Babyliss Pro Nano Miracurl Steamtech Curling Iron

This Babyliss pro curling iron has a titanium chamber, instead of the traditional barrel. It holds your hair while being styled. The titanium allows for the even heat distribution. What’s nice about this model is that it can handle thick hair, as well, but you have to learn to adjust the temperature at the right setting. The adjustable temperature setting can go as high as 450 degrees. Furthermore, this device features a steam option, in case you want more luster and shine.

Hot Tools BlueIce Titanium Ribbon Curling Iron

This Hot Tools curling iron is well known for its sleek design. It has an ergonomic look for curling precision and easy styling. The titanium barrel allows for even and quick heating of the hair to significantly reduce your styling time. The material is smooth, as well, so it glides through your hair. This device is compact and portable, and there is a small clamp to curl your hair perfectly.

キッチン収納 シエラ対応品 カップボード+ハイフロアプラン 1段引出し付 開き扉+家電収納(蒸気排出ユニットなし)タイプ プランNo.S4005??間口150cm グループ1 【LIXIL】【サンウェ
洋白3.8μ 丸皿飾台 26インチ用
【聴診器】3M リットマン ステソスコープ カーディオロジー3
キッチンボード 大容量 キッチン収納家具 木製 フリーボード 【 開梱設置無料 】 【日本製】食器棚 書棚 本棚 リビングボード ANRI 80キッチンボード ウォールナット レッドオーク
3個セット 酒器(サーバー) 信楽風丸一升サーバー(木台付) [168 x 178mm・2400cc] 【和食器 料亭 旅館 居酒屋 飲食店 業務用】
仲精機 ハンドプレス トグル式 (HZP-13)
Givenchy Bambi & Female-Form Scarf
フレデリック・エドウィン・チャーチ 氷山 M30サイズ M30号 910x606mm ※個人宛配送・代引不可※絵画 インテリア 額入り 壁掛け 油絵 フレデリック・エドウィン・チャーチ
コクヨ SEQUENCE(シークエンス)専用 デスクトップパネル フロントパネル HSNクロス貼り 幅1400mm用 高さ700(机上350)mm【SDV-SE147HSN-N】