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Royale Hair Straightener Reviews

Royale Hair Straightener Reviews

Curly hair, albeit beautiful and dramatic, is definitely more difficult to tame. Other girls having this hair type prefer to keep their hair this way but some also find a flat iron essential for when they want to straighten their hair. They will need to find something that will first and foremost NOT damage their hair. Determining which flat iron to buy, especially with the long list of options you can choose from, feels like a task. For sure, you can buy the cheap ones they usually have on discount in the beauty shop but these have shown to have bad effects on your hair. But thankfully we’re here to help you filter down the choices for you to avoid making the wrong choice.

Flat irons have evolved from the moment they were introduced in the market. There are now different flat irons for different hair types. One brand, however, stands out from the rest as it has developed the best quality flat irons with the right materials to make any hair become smooth and silky. Preferred by both professional and personal users, their innovation when it comes to flat irons has made them the best in the market. All their products have Nano-Silver Technology that destroys 99.9% of bacteria in your hair. It also comes with a warranty so you can assure authentic products with great service. They really have made a long way since they were first introduced in the market on 2004.

Royale Hair Straighteners

Royale Concord Titanium Flat Iron

Made out of 1-inch titanium plates that keep the moisture in your hair, this flat iron will significantly help you avoid frizz and rough strands that can also be caused by your regular shampoo. The infrared technology means that it doesn’t actually produce heat, but rather, rays, so they don’t actually burn your hair in the process. Also helpful in avoiding flyaway hair is its negative ion technology that prevents static. With a maximum temperature of 450 degrees Fahrenheit, it can straighten thick hair—although it may take a while since the plates are kind of narrow.

Royale Smart Digital Flat Iron

Also with a maximum temperate setting of 450 degrees, this flat iron is best for those who need to control the heat of their iron. It has a future-forward touch-screen LED display of the temperature where you can easily keep track the heat and lessen/increase immediately depending on your preference. Like its sibling, it has titanium plates to lock oils so even without using too many hairs moisturizing products, you will have smooth and silky hair all throughout.

Royale Wet and Dry Flat Iron

It’s not the first flat iron that can be used on damp hair (read: no more waiting for your hair to dry before ironing it!), but it has exceeded its predecessors with its Nano-Silver technology mentioned before. How does it work on damp hair, you ask? It has small vents on the plates that allow steam to evaporate. In this way, it doesn’t damage your hair even if it’s being “heated” up wet. Half an inch thicker than the Royale Concord Titanium Flat Iron, people with thicker hair might prefer this, although it only heats up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit. But hey, it only takes 30 seconds to heat it up this high!

Royale Classic Turquoise Diamond Ceramic Flat Iron

This product features 100% ceramic plates, which preserves moisture in the hair shaft and protects it from damage. Its far-infrared heat doesn’t only soften your hair but also is also good for those with colored hair as it locks the colors. As with any flat irons, it takes practice to get your way through this product. But once you do, you can do whatever hairstyle you like with this, even beach curls that are difficult to achieve.

Royale Hot Tools Classic Black Flat Iron/Hair Straightener

Feel like professional with its black matte color and be able to move around easily while ironing your hair with its 8-foot long 360-degree swivel power cord. It has dual voltage, which means you can bring it with you on your travels. Embrace the power of unlimited styling potential—style, curl, wave, you name it—with this 100% ceramic plated flat iron!

Royale Slim Line White Tattoo 1-Inch Nano Titanium Flat Iron

This product heats as fast as 20 seconds to its maximum heat. Its slim features mean it’s lightweight and ergonomic, plus it’s safe for humid air, which means you can bring this when you when traveling to big, humid places. It even comes with a shampoo for better results.

Royale Pearl White Soft Touch Classic

Featuring 100% ceramic plates, it radiates far-infrared heat to lock in the moisture in your hair. It’s pretty much like its siblings but this one also has an easy-to-handle rubberized grip so you can control it better when styling your hair.

Royale Red Soft Touch Diamond Euro Plug Hair Straightener

Made for the European market, this classic flat iron features a European plug, but can still be used in North and South America. With its 1.5-inch ceramic plates, girls with longer hair can easily glide this through their hair while maintaining its natural oils.