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Best Round Brush for Blow Drying Hair (9 Best Revealed)


It may not be widespread information especially to those who are doing DIY hairstyling at home, but aside from the hair dryer, the type of brush you are using is highly essential to achieve the best hair results. A good quality blow dry definitely requires a good quality hair brush.

Top Round Brush for Blow Drying Hair

Olivia Garden Ceramic Round Brushes

Olivia Garden Nano Thermic Ceramic Ion Brush, 2 1/8 Inch
List Price: $21.50
Price: $14.99
You Save: $6.51
Price Disclaimer

Why we chose this product:

  1. Has large extra vents for better airflow & reduced drying time
  2. Heats up faster – retains heat longer than other brands
  3. Promotes shinier, frizz-free hair without messy flyaways


A round brush has boar bristles that help provide brush tension to achieve finer results on your hair. You need to have even tension especially when blow drying to get a smooth and frizz-free hair. Round brushes suit every hair type and texture and the good thing about this type of brushes is that you don’t have to put too much pressure or tension because it will provide you even results on every hair section, from top to bottom.

Usual types of round brushes:

  • Ceramic Round Brush: Ceramic brushes are great for curling or blow drying your hair. Ceramic brushes are also great for hair with different lengths and textures.
  • Boar Bristle Round Brush: Boar bristle brushes helps you achieve natural smooth and shiny hair. Boar bristle brushes can either be made of ceramic or wood barrel.  Brushes like this can be used for fine hair because it keeps tension better than other brushes.

Choosing the brush size 

The brush size is very important for you to know what works well with your hair. Always keep in mind the length and texture of your hair to determine how much volume and curl you want to achieve on your hair. The size of the round brush also depends if you want lesser volumes or even straight hair.

Here are size tips you should keep in mind:

  • Short hair (chin length and shorter) – Use a small to medium round brush 1” (25mm) to 1.4” (35mm)
  • Medium hair (chin length to collar bone) – Use a medium round brush 1.4” (35mm) to 1.7” (45mm)
  • Long hair (Collarbone length or longer) – Use a medium to large round brush 1.7” (45mm) to 2.2” (55mm)

Top Brushes For Blowout

Best Features
User Experience
Price Level
Our Rating
Spornette Italian Collection Boar RounderHelps in achieving great hair results while blow drying; straightens, adds curls & volume; makes hair shiny & does not rip or tear hair; long bristles get through the thickest hair possible Very Good Affordable4.2 / 5
Phillips MV-3 Monster Vent BrushReinforced bristles in boar & nylon for gentle styling, less tension & pressure; comfortable hardwood & rubber grip; features a vent in the brush to allow airflow for fast drying experienceVery Good Affordable 4.2 / 5
Ceramic Tools Round BrushMade of ceramic material exceptionally ideal in holding heat & eliminating frizz; durable & unbreakable - lasts for many years; provides hydration & conditioning to hairGoodCheap4.0 / 5
Nexxus Volume Effexx Round BrushTourmaline material eliminates frizz & fly away - locks in moisture, makes hair silky & smooth; ionic technology emits negative ions - locks in natural oils with ceramic material that helps distribute heat plus nano silver technology that eliminates pollutants GoodCheap4.0 / 5
ConAir Anti-Static Thermal Round BrushHas anti-static feature to help avoid frizz & fly away; ceramic surface provides effective hair volume & smooth glide; bristles are evenly spaced to provide better circulation & faster drying experience GoodCheap4.0 / 5
Moroccanoil Ceramic Round Brushes with Boar BristlesMade with ceramic & boar bristles with fast heat-up feature; ceramic barrel smooth enough on every glide; reduces drying time than ordinary brush Very GoodExpensive4.3 / 5
Moroccanoil Ceramic Round BrushProvides salon-like finish; rubber handle allows for effective brushing - slip-free grip; strong & durable round brush comes in different sizesGoodAffordable4.0 / 5
Olivia Garden Ceramic Round BrushesBrush has a hair pass feature using extra large vents that allows quick drying and even heat distribution; eliminates frizz effectively & comes in different sizes ExcellentAffordable4.6 / 5
Bass Boar Bristle BrushesContains 100% old boar bristles & a wooden barrel handle for more durability & strength; V-shaped bristles made for extra grip on hair & also has lightweight featureGoodAffordable4.0 / 5

1. Spornette Italian Collection Boar Rounder

Spornette Italian Collection Boar Rounder #854
List Price: $16.95
Price: $16.95
Price Disclaimer

This round brush helps you achieve great hair results while blow drying. It straightens, adds curls and volume, makes hair shiny, and more importantly does not rip or tear your hair. Its bristles are long enough to get through the thickest hair possible. This brush is made 100% in Italy and made with strict standards of hair styling.

2. Phillips MV-3 Monster Vent Brush

This quality brush has reinforced bristles that are boar and nylon combine—perfect for gentle styling with less tension and pressure on brushing. Its hardwood and rubber grip is comfortable to use and is a lot more effective when blow drying. There is also a vent in the brush that provides airflow for your hair to dry faster.

3. Ceramic Tools Round Brush

The ceramic material used on this brush does exceptionally well in holding heat and eliminating frizz. It is durable and unbreakable making it last for many years. Brushing your hair from time to time with this brush gives out negative ions to easily break down water molecules. This gives hydration and conditioning to the hair, avoiding damage from heat.

4. Nexxus Volume Effexx Round Brush

There are three innovative technologies that come with a brush. First, the tourmaline material on this brush eliminates frizz and fly away and locks in moisture, making  your hair silky and smooth. Second, the ionic technology emits negative ions to lock in the natural oils in your hair. The ceramic material of this brush also helps distribute the heat to your hair evenly and longer while you are blow drying. It is also quite large, which adds up to the even distribution of heat. And lastly, the nano silver technology eliminates pollutants to avoid dry and frizzy hair.

5. Conair Anti-Static Thermal Round Brush

This Thermal brush stands out from the rest because of its anti-static feature that helps your hair avoid frizz and fly away caused by the static electricity produced by humid or dry air.  The ceramic surface effortlessly gives you an effective hair volume and smoothness in every glide. The bristles on this brush were made evenly spaced to provide better circulation and turn for even and faster drying experience. In general, this brush helps your hair minimize damage and exposure on heat. It’s lightweight and the soft ribbed tapered grip feels good in your hands that it makes it super easy to handle.

6. Moroccanoil Ceramic Round Brushes with Boar Bristles

This brush was made for perfection with its ceramic and boar bristles. It has a heat-up feature that is also available in any ceramic barrel plus an extra grip on your hair on every glide just like your natural boar bristles. Round brushes with this style may apply a little bit of hard work but still is indispensable when dealing with fine hair. This type of round brush reduces your drying time much more than your ordinary brush. The rubber handle is slip-free and would help you grip on the brush better. Also coming in different sizes, you can choose from 25mm, 35mm, and 45mm, depending on your hair type and volume.

7. Moroccanoil Ceramic Round Brush

Moroccanoil Ceramic 45mm Round Brush
List Price: $23.50
Price: $23.50
Price Disclaimer

This round brush would give you a salon like finish because it helps enhance the shine of your hair. The rubber handle helps you clutch it for effective brushing because of its slip-free grip. This strong and durable round brush comes in different sizes (25mm, 35mm, 45mm, and 55mm) depending on your desired salon hair like results.

8. Olivia Garden Ceramic Round Brushes

Olivia Garden Nano Thermic Ceramic Ion Brush, 2 1/8 Inch
List Price: $21.50
Price: $14.99
You Save: $6.51
Price Disclaimer

The Olivia Garden brush would help you achieve extra beautiful styling results. This brush has a hair pass feature using the extra large vents, so every time you brush your hair, it allows it to dry quicker and more evenly. This type of brush heats up fast and stays hot whenever you blow dry your hair, adding shine every time you glide. It eliminates frizz effectively and will give you a comfortable grip. This brush also comes in different sizes: 1 inch, 1 ½ inch, 1 ¾ inch, and 2 1/8 inch depending on your hair length. (See the conversion of inches on the tips above)

9. Bass Boar Bristle Brushes

The bass boar bristles have 100% old boar bristles and a wooden barrel handle for more durability and strength. This brush provides shine after each blow dry. If you have a fine to medium hair this brush would suit you very well. The V-shaped bristles are made for extra grip on your hair. It is lightweight, which means there is lesser tension to your hair, avoiding damage. Great for different types and hairstyles including pixie hairstyle, chin length or shorter, chin length to collar bone, and collar bone and longer.

These are only some of the things you have to keep in mind when buying a round brush. Different types, different tips, but if you use the right one, you will always achieve the best hair results.

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Know Your Brush Types

You can find variety of hair brushes suitable for a specific styling scenario. “using the right hairbrush is important as it can make or break any hairstyle” says famous hair stylist Giulia Heiman. A old hairbrush with worn out bristles can cause split ends or make your blowout look flat. So before you go ahead and buy a hair brush, brush up on different types, and how they can help keep your hair looking great and style on point.

Cushion Brush

This hair brush is good for smoothing and for adding some shine to delicate, fine hair types. Choose a brush with natural hair as it can minimize breakage and can distribute scalp’s natural oils evenly throughout the shaft to ensure a silky look. This brush is best for slicking hair back into a ponytail. However, you should avoid this brush if you have curly hair to prevent unnecessary frizz.

Paddle Brush

This hair brush is suitable for straightening coarse textures or blow drying, especially for all those with thick, long hair. This brush can easily cut down drying time by 40 percent, mainly because of its large surface area. Look for one with natural bristles, or a mix of synthetic and natural, to prevent any frizz and to minimize pulling and tugging.

Teasing Brush

This brush is best for sectioning and teasing both curly and straight hair. However, it won’t work on brittle or severely damaged types. Its best to go in and mash your hair down, and work it into the root. Otherwise, your style will fall flat.

Vent Brush

This brush is best for creating volume for medium to fine hair textures and works great especially for short lengths. However, if you’ve curly hair you should avoid this brush as your hair can easily get tangled in tight coils. The best way to use this brush is to first towel dry, and then use it with a blow dryer. Direct heat away from the roots to create a lift and towards the roots to ensure smoothness.

Round Brush

Round brush is best for styling all types of hair, including curly types. The best way to use this brush is to wrap your hair around the top of this brush, as opposed to its bottom. This tension will help create a sleeker style. For a quicker blowout, reach for a rounded brush with vents.