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Best Round Brush For Fine Hair (2016s 8 Best Options)

Fine hair is often hard to style as it has a tendency to look limp and lack body. It’s also delicate, with strands that can easily break if you pull too hard. There are different kinds of hair brushes, however, and they can help you tame and manage your hair. The round brush is perfect for giving volume and fullness to your thin hair.

Best Round Brush For Fine Hair

Ibiza Hair B2 Blonde Extended Cork Round Brush

Ibiza Hair B Series Brush, B2
Price: $45.00
Price Disclaimer

Why we chose it:

  1. Moderately priced.
  2. Bristles are reinforced with nylon for gentle hair management.
  3. It can be used for curly fine hair, blondes, 7 color-treated hair.

Top Round Brushes for Fine Hair

Product Name
User Experience
Price to Expect
Our Rate
Ibiza Hair B2 Blonde Extended Cork Round BrushCombination of blonde boar & white nylon bristles; cork handle designed for comfortable grip; perfect for either fine straight or curly hair typesVery GoodHigh4.3 / 5
Cricket Technique Barrel Hair Brush XX-large RoundStyles with ease using metal barrel & tourmaline bristles; prevents static; available in 8 sizes of brushesGoodVery Low4.0 / 5
Revlon Perfect Style Thermal Round BrushIonic technology porcelain barrel combines boar and ball tip bristles; rubber covered handle for easy grip GoodVery Low4.1 / 5
Bass Boar Bristle Brush Unique V-shape design for firm grip of more strands of hair; bristles are composed of real boar hair on bamboo wood barrel; lightweight & available in 5 sizesGoodLow4.1 / 5
Marilyn TUXEDO PRO Brush Made of all-natural boar bristles & available in different sizes; special angled design to follow head contours & reaches more hair in one stroke; triangular design handleGoodLow3.5 / 5
Spornette Porcupine Rounding Brush Combination of boar and nylon bristles; handle is lightweight & made of wood; best for smoothing, styling and curlingGoodVery Low3.5 / 5
WEN Deluxe Round Boar Bristle BrushIdeal brush for medium to fine hair; made with nylon bristles & wooden handle; handle end is designed pointed & convenient for sectioningExcellentModerate4.5 / 5
Moroccanoil Ceramic Round Brush Easy to grip & control rubber handle; ceramic barrel lessens blow drying time; sturdy & contains handy sectioning tip inside the handle Very GoodModerate4.3 / 5

1. Ibiza Hair B2 Blonde Extended Cork Round Brush

Ibiza Hair B Series Brush, B2
Price: $45.00
Price Disclaimer

The Ibiza Hair B2 Blonde Extended Cork Round Brush contains blonde boar bristles that are kind to the hair and white nylon which helps grab the hair and work through it to provide smoothness. The brush handle material is cork and designed for a comfortable grip. This brush works well for fine straight and fine curly hair. As this is a small to medium sized brush, it can also be used on your fringe. It makes fine hair look fuller while preventing damage.

2. Cricket Technique Barrel Hair Brush

With its metal barrel and tourmaline bristles, the Cricket Technique Barrel Hair Brush allows you style your hair with ease. It helps retain the moisture in the hair to bring smoothness and fullness. At the same time, it prevents static while styling to keep frizz from hair. There’s a convenient sectioning pick at the tip of the comfortable handle. This brush is also available in eight sizes so you can choose the size that’s suited for your hair and your needs.

3. Revlon Perfect Style Round Brush

A brand that’s well-known for top quality cosmetics and hair care, Revlon also makes excellent hair brushes like the Revlon Perfect Style Round Brush. It has a porcelain barrel that utilizes ionic technology, and if you use this together with your blow dryer, you’ll have a quick and easy blowout that will make your hair look full and glossy. The boar bristles and bristles with ball tips go through hair smoothly and the barrel is indented with holes as well for maximum air flow. The handle is covered with rubber for a firm but easy grip.

4. Bass Boar Bristle Brush

The Bass Boar Bristle Brush has a unique V-shaped design meant to grip more strands of hair with more firmness. This brush is made of natural materials from the bristles which are composed of real boar hair to the bamboo wood barrel. The handle is also partly rubber for a slip-free hold. This brush is lightweight as well, perfect for traveling, and it’s available in five different sizes so you can choose what’s best suited for your hair length and your needs.

5. Marilyn TUXEDO PRO Brush

A high quality brush that’s available in different sizes, the Marilyn TUXEDO PRO Brush is made of all natural boar bristles, for gentle care and smoother hair. It has a special angled design to follow the contours of the head and reach more hair with one stroke. This angle also ensures you can adequately hold the hair while you’re styling. The handle is triangular for a secure grip, plus the color scheme of blond and black bristles looks attractive.

6. Spornette Porcupine Rounding Brush

One of the most highly recommended and best selling round brushes is the Spornette Porcupine Rounding Brush. It has both boar and nylon bristles which provide a firm grasp to pull hair gently from the root. The handle made of wood is also lightweight and feels easy on the hand. This brush is best for smoothing, styling and curling without damage. It provides such wonderful results without any hassle that even professionals use it.

7. WEN by Chaz Dean Wen Boar Bristle Brush

Another outstanding round brush which does a superb job on medium to fine hair is the WEN Deluxe Round Boar Bristle Brush. The nylon bristles grasp the hair to pull gently and remove any tangles and the wooden handle effectively resists heat. The handle is also designed for more comfort and a stronger grip and the handle end is pointed, convenient for sectioning.

8. Moroccanoil Ceramic Round Brush

The Moroccanoil Ceramic Round Brush is truly well-designed that some hair experts are also avid users of it. This brush’s rubber handle is easy to hold and control. The ceramic barrel helps to lessens blow drying time and seals the moisture into your hair to give it a smooth finish. This brush is remarkably sturdy as well and inside the handle, there’s a handy sectioning tip.

What you Should Look for in a Round Brush

1. Size of the brush

The size of the brush should match the length of your hair. This will help you achieve just the right amount of volume and a longer-lasting curl. Get a smaller brush if your hair is short, around 1 to 1 ½ inches. For medium to long hair, a medium brush, about 1 ½ inches to 1 ¾ inches is best, and if you have long hair, choose a large brush, 1 ¾ to 2 inches.

2. Barrel and bristles material

When it comes to bristles, porcupine and boar brushes are ideal. Boar bristles bend easily and they’re very soft so they’re wonderfully gentle and slide easily through your hair. Although the bristles of a boar brush really do come from the hair of a boar, in the case of porcupine brushes, they are only named that way because of how they look. In porcupine brushes, you have tufts of soft boar bristles with a stiff nylon bristle in the center of each tuft. These porcupine brushes can hold the hair firmly while avoiding too much pressure and damage.

The brush’s barrel is also a factor especially when you’re blow drying your hair. Metal barrels can maintain the heat from a blow dryer, lessening the actual blow drying time and preventing frizz. Take care when using a metal brush though as you could still damage your fine hair if you pull too hard or use it for too long.

3. Arrangement of bristles

Since your hair is fine, there should be a wider space in between the bristles so that the brush can get a hold of more hair. For regular everyday brushing, evenly spaced bristles on the brush are acceptable but if you need to get knots out of your hair, make sure to use the wider spaced brush.