Ottlite Makeup Mirror Review

ottlite makeup mirror review

Makeup is essential for women who want to hide their imperfections, and look great in front of every body. Some women can do their makeup without a mirror, but this requires a tremendous amount of skill. You need a good quality mirror to help you do your makeup properly, and Ott-lite has one available for you.

Ottlite Makeup Mirror Review

The Ott-Lite makeup mirror has all the features that you need to style yourself with ease. This durable product is big enough for you to apply your makeup easily, but will not take over your dressing table. This article will tell you more about this impressive product, and why you should consider it.

About the Product

The Ott-Lite makeup mirror’s major selling point is its light feature. The lighting uses white bulbs, instead of yellow. It is clear and bright enough to provide adequate coverage as you apply makeup. There are two 13-watt light bulbs, with one placed on each side. The lighting is not too bright, and will remind you of daylight. It makes self-styling easy and convenient without missing a spot.

This product also features a double-sided mirror. It means that one side has magnification, while the other gives you a regular view. You can easily flip the mirror to your preferred side. You can also title the mirror at an angle that will let you see yourself in both.

Notable Features

There are many great reasons why this makeup mirror is worth it, including these impressive features below:

Five Times Magnification

The 5x magnification feature will make it easier for you to see every single detail of your face. It makes makeup application much more convenient, and you will not miss a spot. While it may show all your imperfections, like those lines and wrinkles, it still offers a huge help when you want to have the perfect makeup done.

Double-sided Mirror

As mentioned earlier, you will find a mirror on both sides that you can switch around to see your normal or magnified reflection. The mirror itself has dimensions of 6”x8” and is big enough for makeup application and other things that you need to do on your face. You can tilt the mirror, too, so you can easily flip between the normal and magnified mirror to view your overall look.

Adequate Lighting

The lighting is set in a way that you can easily tone and blend your makeup. Some mirrors will not give you the right amount of lighting that you need. The light is gentle enough to the eyes, thanks to the reduced glare. The bulbs will last for a long time, but the package has instructions on how you can change it.

No Batteries Needed

This mirror does not need batteries to operate. The unit is plugged in, so you can use it anywhere where there is a socket. What’s nice about this product is that it gives a white lighting for you to enjoy applying makeup, even when the place has poor lighting.

Good Points to Note

  • Price: This product is affordable and is made of durable materials.
  • Portability: It is lightweight and sturdy at the same time. You can easily carry it along during travel.
  • Quality-assured: Ott-Lite believes that its customers are satisfied with their makeup mirror, giving buyers the assurance that their purchase is well worth it.
  • Performance: The 5x magnification allows you to see everything you need during makeup application, so you will evenly cover up all imperfections and highlight your best features. You can use the normal mirror to see your overall look. The lighting is adequate enough to let you see every single detail of your face for the best output. This makes blending and highlighting extremely convenient.

The only possible downside of this makeup mirror would be the way it rotates. There are times that it rotates on its own. This is not a major problem, especially when you consider its good points, but it can sometimes be a bit annoying as you need to keep adjusting.


Every woman wants to look great whenever they step outside. It is challenging to put on makeup using a normal mirror, which is why the Ott-Lite makeup mirror offers a big help. If you want to feel more confident about your Ott-Lite purchase, you can see the item for yourself and check whether it meets your needs.