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Best Numbing Cream For Laser Hair Removal

Best Numbing Cream For Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is an excellent way to remove embarrassing and unhygienic facial or body hair. However, this procedure does involve some discomfort and for some people, it’s downright painful. To lessen the sting of laser hair removals, numbing creams are often recommended.

Best Numbing Cream For Laser Hair Removal


Hush Anesthetic Numbing Gel 4 Oz Bottle
List Price: $47.50
Price: $47.50
Price Disclaimer

Why we chose this:

  1. It’s main use is for tattooing, which we all know is super-painful. This makes it a great option for laser hair removal!
  2. In general, around 1 in every 2 users rate the product as 100% satisfaction
  3. Well-known and quality brand

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Best Cheap Numbing Cream

Numb Master

Why we chose this:

  1. Affordable numbing agent that penetrates deeper than other brands
  2. Numbs in 20 – 25 mins & lasts for an hour
  3. Non-oily effect & easy to remove

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Numbing creams are applied topically to any area of the body and are used to temporarily dull the nerves and diminish the sensation of pain. They’re not only used for pain, however. Since laser hair removal gets rid of hair, this leaves the pores open and susceptible to bacteria. Numbing creams also aid a great deal in keeping the area clean and free of bacteria which could lead to infection.

To maximize the effect of numbing creams, they need to be applied before the treatment, usually around 10 minutes to give the cream time to work. The cream can then be reapplied after the treatment to minimize pain and swelling. There are different numbing creams available in the market, which offer varying degrees of pain relief.

Numbing Creams For Laser Hair Removal

Best Features
User Experience
Price to Expect
Our Rate
Buy Numb Master 5% Topical Anesthetic Lidocaine Cream at Amazon.comContains 5% Lidocaine potency certified safe by the FDA; effective in minimizing pain and lasts up to 1 hr; smooth, non-oily consistency & takes effect fastVery GoodCheap4.25 / 5 < Our Top Rated Cheap Option
Topicainelidocaine gel in 4% & 5% concentration levels good for minor discomforts and serious pains; contains moisturizing agents Aloe Vera & Shea butter; applied 1.5 hrs before treatment & lasts up to 1 hrVery GoodExpensive4 / 5
Dr. Numb High quality numbing cream containing 5% each of lidocaine, prilocaine and benzocaine; FDA-certified pain reliever; smooth, non-oily & safe to use on face & bodyGoodExpensive3.5 / 5
Lidocaine Plus With 4% lidocaine content it soothes & cools the skin with Aloe Vera; great for minor treatments & applied around 1.5 hrs prior to process; moderate numbing effect lasts approximately 1 hrGoodCheap3.6 / 5
Buy Hush Anesthetic Numbing Gel 4 Oz Bottle at Amazon.comGenerally used for tattooing & laser hair removal; contains 4% lidocaine & plant-based ingredients for pain, swelling & healing; spread 1 hr before treatment but effectiveness is shorter in durationVery GoodHigher Price4.25 / 5 < Our Top Rated Option
Relax and Wax No Scream Cream Ideal for cosmetic procedures like waxing & laser hair removal; has moderate numbing 20% benzocaine safe for all skin types, sensitive skin & face; cream applied 30 mins – 1 hr before treatment process.GoodCheap3.5 / 5
Bare Ease & Cream Eases swelling & irritation after treatments; uses 4% lidocaine and a blend of Aloe Vera & Jojoba extracts to speed up healing; numbs skin 30 mins to 1 hr before treatmentGoodCheap3.4 / 5

1. Numb Master

Most numbing creams use some form of Lidocaine, a drug used as a topical anesthetic, as their primary ingredient and the Numb Master is one of the few containing an above average 5% Lidocaine. It’s one of the most potent creams available. It’s also considered safe as it’s certified by the FDA. The cream, which is packaged in a jar, effectively lessens pain and lasts around an hour. Many people like the feel of this cream since it goes on smoothly, is not oily and takes effect relatively quickly. For best results, the cream should be smeared on to the skin around half an hour before treatment. The main drawback of this cream, however, is that it costs a little more than other over the counter creams.

2. Topicaine

When it comes to numbing creams, Topicaine is one of the most popular. This numbing cream is in gel form, contained in a tube and available in two concentrations: 4% lidocaine for minor discomforts and 5% lidocaine for more serious pains. It should be applied about half an hour to an hour before the treatment. Once applied, the anesthetic effect lasts for around an hour. This gel is especially useful for coping with after treatment pain. Aside from lidocaine, Topicaine has additional ingredients such as aloe vera and shea butter meant to soothe and moisturize the skin as well as give a nice, mild scent. Users have noted that they liked the smooth, creamy texture and fragrance of the gel.

3. Dr. Numb

Another high quality numbing cream proven to be among the most effective is Dr. Numb. This cream is FDA-certified and contains 5% each of lidocaine, prilocaine and benzocaine. All these ingredients work together for the best pain relief. This cream feels smooth and not oily, plus it’s safe to use even on delicate areas of the face and body. It works best when it’s used about two hours before the treatment. It’s a little more expensive than other creams but its efficacy is quite long, at least an hour, and at most 4 hours depending on the treatment. The greatest disadvantage to this product is that it requires a longer period to take effect.

4. Lidocaine Plus

One of the top numbing creams recommended for its effectiveness as well as affordable price is Lidocaine Plus. It helps reduce pain thanks to its 4% lidocaine content while soothing and cooling the skin with aloe vera. It’s great to use for minor treatments but it won’t work as well for a larger treatment area. When applied around an hour and a half before treatment, this cream has a moderate numbing effect which lasts for more or less an hour. The greatest benefit of this cream, though, is that it reduces swelling and relieves pain after the treatment. Most users commented that they liked the smoothness of the cream and that it has a pleasant scent.

5. Hush

Hush Anesthetic Numbing Gel 4 Oz Bottle
List Price: $47.50
Price: $47.50
Price Disclaimer

Hush is used mostly by tattoo artists as it can be applied on the skin during the tattooing process but its effectiveness also makes it a good choice for laser hair removal. Its main ingredient is 4% lidocaine and it also contains other plant-based ingredients such as aloe vera to help minimize pain and swelling and aid in healing. Praised for its smooth and clear consistency which doesn’t leave an oily after-feel, it also contains traces of menthol for a cooling sensation. This cream should be spread on the skin approximately an hour before the treatment and may be reapplied as necessary. The anesthetic effect varies depending on the amount you applied, usually an hour, but it doesn’t last as long as other creams.

6. Relax and Wax No Scream Cream

Perfect for cosmetic procedures such as waxing and laser hair removal, Relax and Wax No Scream Cream uses 20% benzocaine as its key ingredient. It’s priced at mid-range and produces a moderate numbing effect which lessens the stinging sensation rather than actively eliminating pain. Its greatest feature, however, is that since it was formulated by a beauty expert, it’s safe to use for all skin types including sensitive skin and it can be applied on any skin area even the face. It also doesn’t have a strong chemical smell. For maximum effect, the skin area to be treated should be covered with a thin layer of the cream about half an hour to an hour before the treatment process.

7. Bare Ease & Cream

Bare Ease Cream is known to significantly reduce pain associated with hair removal procedures. It effectively numbs the skin preparatory to the treatment and can help alleviate swelling and irritation afterwards. This cream uses 4% lidocaine for anesthetic effect, together with aloe vera and jojoba extracts to facilitate healing. Although Bare Ease & Cream is part of a kit packaged for bikini waxes, this cream can successfully be used on any part of the body. To make the most of its numbing effect, the cream should be spread on the skin area in a layer roughly half an hour to an hour before the treatment. Regarding its consistency, it’s smooth and easy to apply and it doesn’t have a strong scent.