Luminess Air Reviews 2017

Luminess Air Reviews 2017

Airbrush makeup has become a hit for the past few years. With videos and images becoming more and more high definition as the years go by, the demand for flawless looks is increasing, as well. Professional makeup artists have been using this makeup technique for a long time, but makeup enthusiasts are now yearning for that long-lasting flawless look in every occasion.

How it works

The airbrush mechanism works by using a compressor to make the pigment come in contact with the air. The kit includes an airbrush gun with a needle-like device inside where the pigment and air are pushed through the nozzle. The nozzle is pointed at the target area, and the user applies the needed pressure to achieve the desired coverage.

Benefits of using an airbrush makeup kit

There are many reasons why professionals and enthusiasts now prefer to use airbrush makeup kits more than the traditional technique, including:

  • Consistency: the makeup is spread over a target area evenly.
  • Speed: the whole process is significantly shorter than the traditional technique.
  • Output: it gives you a flawless finish that lasts for several hours.
  • Ease of use: the whole kit includes a spray gun and a compressor, but some brands offer makeup samples for a start. Everything is easy to use, but the result is always superb.

5 highly-recommended Luminess Airbrush Makeup Systems 

Luminess Air Aqua and White Legend Airbrush System

Airbrushing with this model eliminates the need for makeup brushes to ensure your skin is healthy and free from contamination. This airbrush makeup system allows for quick and easy applications of blush, foundation, primers, eyeshadows, and so much more. It also helps ensure the makeup stays flawless for hours without the need for touch ups.

The whole unit is compact, and the motor works silently with continuous air-flow to allow for fine applications and adequate coverage. The kit contains everything you need for that camera-ready look, such as the compressor, stylus, and small makeup bottles (foundation, blush, primer/moisturizer, and glow). It is also covered by a one-year warranty.

Luminess Air Pink and Black Legend Airbrush System

This one features a compact design with a quiet motor with continuous airflow, as well as a patented stylus for that micro-fine finish. It helps you achieve that flawless and natural-looking finish. This system provides high quality pigments that let your skin breathe, thanks to those lightweight and buildable formulas. All those fine lines, wrinkles, and other skin imperfections will disappear without looking heavily-done.

Luminess Air Special Edition Legend Airbrush System

This model allows for quick, easy, and long-lasting airbrush makeup applications. It means that you can immediately achieve that flawless and natural-looking makeup with ease. The whole unit is compact in size, produces continuous airflow, and works silently to avoid disturbing anyone. It includes a patented stylus for easy and even applications, as well as five ultra foundations, a primer/moisturizer, a blush, and a bronzer. Once used, you can say goodbye to your skin imperfections and enjoy a flawless look throughout the day.

Luminess Air Basic Airbrush System

This system reveals your natural beauty without the need for touch-ups later in the day. Along with the brand’s dermatologist-recommended airbrush makeups, you can achieve that flawless look that lasts for several hours. It does not make your appearance cakey or heavy.

You can choose from the three skin tone packages: light, medium, and dark. The whole kit contains the compressor, stylus and adaptor, ultra foundation, blush, glow, and primer/moisturizer. This system allows you to achieve a camera-ready look in no time, plus all the airbrush makeup products included are guaranteed high-quality and safe on most skin types.

Luminess Air Legend Airbrush System Red and Black

This airbrush makeup system lets you achieve professional-quality results effortlessly. Its compact size should not be ignored. It is powerful enough to give you the finish you want, with the motor working quietly to avoid distractions wherever you are. The continuous airflow and the stylus will help you achieve a micro-fine finish to transform yourself from dull to luminous. The makeup products included in the package are all water-based and non-comedogenic as well as dermatologist-tested and approved. Since it weighs only about two pounds, bringing it along with you will definitely be a breeze.

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