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Best Hair Dryer for Fine Hair 2017 (Surprising Affordable #1 Rated Product)

best hair dryer for fine hair

If you have fine hair, it means you likely struggle giving it volume and hair might look flat, frizzy or dull as the day wears on. The best hair dryers for fine hair today are mostly made with ceramic tourmaline and preferably one that has ionic feature.

The leading cause of damage to fine hair is excessive heat from hair dryers and styling tools, leaving hair dry, brittle, dull, and flat.

The best types share characteristics with professional blow dryers, including the presence of attachments like diffusers and concentrators that help eliminate frizz and increase volume and shine. A ceramic tourmaline hair dryer promotes even heat distribution and maximizes air volume so your hair dries faster and without the risk of moisture loss and heat damage.

Another essential is the multiple heat setting feature to help you avoid drying out your hair!

best hair dryer for fine hair

Stop abusing your hair with high heat!

As individuals, we all have different types of hair and there have been specific features of individual hair dryers developed, to suit the different types of hair that people have. Below are the key features to look out for when buying a hair dryer and what those features mean for you.

Best Hair Dryers 2017

Quick Reference Guide

Save time, with our hair dryer quick guide.

Click any of the product names below to view the product information and user reviews on Amazon.com

Best rated overall: > Elchim Classic 2001 Professional

Best hair dryer for fine hair: > Rusk W8less Lightweight

Best hair dryer for curly hair: > Conair 1875 Watt Tourmaline Ceramic

Best hair dryer for creating volume: > Remington Pearl Ceramic

Now to our more detailed description of the best rated hair dryers for2017…


Best Hair Dryer For Fine Hair 2017

Hair DryersProduct FeaturesUser FeedbackExpected PriceOur Rating
Elchim Classic 2001 Professional < Click to view at AmazonPowerful, lightweight and a well known brand. Buy with confidence.Very goodHigh4.75 / 5 - Our Overall Top Pick For 2017
Rusk W8less Lightweight - Best For Fine Hair! < View at AmazonExtremely powerful and lightweight, 2000-watt ceramic & tourmaline dryer, top salon brandVery GoodMedium4.5 / 5 - Our Top Pick For Fine Hair
Karmin Salon Series Ultralight Professional Ionic Hair DryerUltraLight with ceramic coated nozzle for infrared heat & ion generator to create Shine, 3 heat settings / 2 speed settings, 1800-watt professional grade motorVery GoodVery high4 / 5
Conair 1875 Watt Tourmaline Ceramic < Click to view at AmazonTourmaline ceramic technology for heat damage prevention, ionic technology for 75% less frizz, 3 Heat/2 speed settings with cool shot button & diffuserVery goodLow4.5 / 5 - Our Top Pick For Curly Hair
Remington Pearl Ceramic Studio Salon DryerCeramic pearl technology, ionic conditioning 1875-watt AC motor for 40% faster drying time & 3x longer motor life, smoothest salon finishVery goodLow4.75 / 5
Babyliss Pro Carrera2 Ceramic Dryer1900-watt dryer, soft-touch rubberized housing for secure grip, exceptionally easy to work withVery goodMedium4.2 / 5
T3 Featherweight2 Blow DryerPowered by proprietary T3 Tourmaline and advanced SoftAire(TM) technology, dries hair fast & proven healthier than air drying, reduces frizzGoodVery high3.5 / 5
Babyliss Pro TT Tourmaline Titanium 5000 Dryer1900-watt high-torque dryer is ultra-lightweight, Ion generator with 6 heat/speed settings & uses Tourmaline Titanium technologyVery goodLow4 / 5
Harry Josh Pro Tools Pro 2000Contains 3 pieces, for professional use, helps keep the frizzies downGoodVery high3.5 / 5
Onei MK-II Air Ionic Hairdryer with Ionic Generator Ionic generator for more styling options, gentle far infrared & ionic energy protect and hydrate hair for superior shine and strength, lightweight & low noiseVery goodHigh3.5 / 5

Our Best Overall Hair Dryer For Thin & Fine Hair

Elchim Classic 2001 Professional Hair Dryer

Why the Elchim Classic Wins Our Top Rating:

  1. This professional hair dryer is equipped with a powerful 1875-watt power, 2 speeds, and 4 heat settings
  2. It has a specially-designed nozzle, exceptional user reviews and perfectly priced
  3. It’s a suitable option for the majority of hair types making it our number 1 pick!

Best Hair Dryer For Curly Hair


Best Ionic Hair Dryer For Fine Hair

Conair 1875 Watt Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryer

The Conair Tourmaline Ceramic hair dryer was designed with ion and tourmaline ceramic technologies to reduce frizz by 75% and prevent heat damage to fine hair. This tourmaline hair dryer offers three heat settings and 2 speeds along with a cool shot button to set your style. It also has a no-slip grip and a hinged filter. Two blow dryer attachments come with the Conair dryer: a diffuser and a concentrator. The concentrator helps you straighten sections of your hair as you dry it, thereby eliminating the need to risk heat damage from a flat iron. The diffuser is perfect for wavy or curly hair as it evenly distributes the heat and increases volume in fine hair.

Best Blow Dryer For Fine Hair

Rusk W8less Lightweight Ceramic Tourmaline Professional Dryer

RUSK Engineering W8less Professional 2000 Watt Dryer
List Price: $79.95
Price: $59.00
You Save: $20.95
Price Disclaimer

This lightweight ionic hair dryer by Rusk is no wimp when it comes to drying your hair. It packs 2000 watts into its lightweight, 1.1 pound package along with an ion generator, which eliminates frizz by sending out millions of negative ions. The Rusk W8less Professional hair dryer is ideal for fine hair, in addition to working well for other hair types, because it offers multiple heat and speed settings so you have total control over how much heat your find hair receives. It also features a cool shot button, which helps seal in your style.

Best Professional Hair Dryer

Karmin Salon Series Ultralight Professional Ionic Hair Dryer

This super lightweight hair dryer offers 3 heat settings and 2 speed settings with 1800 watts of power. Its ceramic coated nozzle delivers infrared heat and its ion generator means your hair will be soft, shiny, and healthy looking without and heat damage. This hair dryer with diffuser helps to increase volume. As an ionic hair dryer, the ion generator allows you the option of choosing negative or positive ions, so you can choose which your hair needs depending on the style you’re going for, the weather (humid vs. cold and dry), or whether you want straight or curly hair.

Best Blow Dryer For Volume

Remington Pearl Ceramic Studio Salon Dryer

Who knew that pearls aren’t just for the jewelry box? This Remington hair dryer for fine hair showcases its Pearl Technology, meaning its ceramic grill actually contains crushed pearls, which host micro conditioners that results in smooth, silky, healthy tresses. With 3 heat settings, 2 speeds, and a salon-quality AC motor that generates 1875 watts of blow drying power, this ceramic hair dryer is ideal for giving volume and shine to fine hair. It also comes with blow dryer attachments that include a diffuser and concentrator, which lets you choose between straight or wavy hairstyles with ease. A direct cousin to the professional hair dryer, however, means you might get an arm workout while drying your hair as this dryer is a bit on the heavy side. On the plus side, it dries hair up to 40% faster, so you should spend less time drying your hair and more time showing off gorgeous hair.

Other Options Outside Our Top 5

Babyliss Pro Carrera2 Ceramic

babyliss hair dryer

Image courtesy of Babyliss.com

The Babyliss Pro Carrera 2 ceramic hair dryer is the perfect styling tool for those with fine hair. It offers 6 heat settings and speed settings along with a cool shot button to lock in your style. The filter is also removable, making it easy to clean out in between blowouts and will also help extend the life of the dryer. The best part? It’s a dual-purpose dryer that straightens your hair as you dry it-eliminating the need to flat iron your hair after it’s dry. This not only cuts down on how long your hair is exposed to damaging heat, but saves you time and money too! Being an ionic hair dryer, its negative ion generator prevents frizz and the far-infrared heat protects your hair from moisture loss that occurs after heat exposure. Overall, for those of you who would straighten your hair after drying it, this is the best hair dryer for you!

T3 Featherweight2

T3The T3 Featherweight blow dryer is loaded with advanced hair styling technology, like T3 Tourmaline and SoftAire technologies. The results? Enhanced shine and the prevention of natural moisture loss. Also, this tourmaline hair dryer dries your hair faster, meaning less heat exposure for fine hair and the faster you’re ready to go. This professional blow dryer claims it reduces frizz by 73% and increases volume by 86%. Now, for those with fine hair, that is fantastic news! It uses technology to generate a high volume of air, but reduces the temperature and speed to avoid damaging your locks, while working quickly to give you shiny, healthy, frizz-free hair.

Babyliss Pro TT Tourmaline Titanium 5000

best hair dryer for fine hair

Image courtesy of Babyliss.com

This is the second Babyliss hair dryer for fine hair to make it on the list-but it’s another great option if you want a tourmaline hair dryer. Its narrow barrel works to increase volume at your roots so your fine hair doesn’t look limp and lank. Its Tourmaline Ceramic technology means hair dries faster without losing moisture and without heat damage. It also works to leave hair shinier, sleeker, and more voluminous, thanks to its diffuser attachment. It offers 3 heat and 3 speed settings plus a cold shot button. The motor is relatively quiet, like a professional blow dryer, and it’s lightweight so your arm won’t get tired holding this Babyliss hair dryer mid-style.

Harry Josh Pro Tools Pro 2000

This is the most expensive hair dryer for fine hair on the list, but it earned a spot because of it’s the closest to a professional blow dryer and because of its exceptional quality and features. It is lightweight and features a patented ergonomic design for its curved handle that offers better control and comfort. Its AC motor is reported to last 2,000 hours and its dual filtration system is even energy efficient-decreasing energy used by 70%!

Unlike most ionic hair dryers, the Harry Josh Pro dryer offers an ion generator with an on/off switch. It also offers a staggering 8 heat, speed, and ion settings, allowing for the most customizable experience. Of course, it also offers the cold shot button. Its extra wide nozzle provides increased air volume that helps dry hair 60% faster. This hair dryer will leave fine hair feeling soft, shiny, healthy, and voluminous, and is worth the price tag!

Onei MK-II Air Ionic





Onei Beauty MK-II Hair DryerIf you want a hair dryer that give your fine hair some lift and volume without the frizz, then you might want to consider the Onei MK-II Air Ionic hair dryer with ionic generator. Its 1800 watt AC motor dries your hair more quickly and evenly without causing damage. The cold shot button works to set your style and further reduce frizz. The far-infrared and ionic technology works to protect your hair from moisture loss and the ionic generator can be set to negative or neutral. It’s lightweight, so you won’t pull a muscle wielding it and it offers various heat and speed settings so you can customize your blowout. Did I mention it comes with a concentrator for sleek, smooth, straight hair, and a diffuser for volume?


No matter which of these options turns out to fit your criteria for best hair dryer for fine hair, whether you want a ceramic tourmaline hair dryer, a hair dryer with diffuser, a professional blow dryer, or a combination, you are sure to find the best dryer for your hair on this list!

We’ve include further hair dryer information below, enjoy!

Hair Dryer Buying Guide

Ceramic and Titanium
The benefits of ceramic and titanium hair dryers is that they are best for frizzy hair and also for hair that might be prone to damage from heat. They are also very good for naturally curly hair because the heat generated gently dries the hair from the inside out.

Ionic technology
This type of technology generates negative ions which acts to move the hair and lock in moisture. It is renowned for it’s ability to decrease the drying time. This type of technology is best for individuals with frizzy hair and also for women prone to dry and damaged hair.

Adjustable temperature
Aside from speed, another fantastic feature is the dryer’s ability to adjust temperature. It also gives you greater flexibility. You can use it to dry your hair or re style it which allows for absolute maximum value. This is best for individuals with fine hair or with hair prone to heat damage .

Multiple speed settings
Speed settings are important and ideal for women with fine hair. The last thing you want to do is have a high speed and higher temperature model if you are prone to this hair issue.

Obviously, the benefit of lightweight models is that they are more ergonomic. They’re perfect for travel most especially if you don’t have much luggage space. This reduces the strain on your arm and hand when using the product.

If you’re always on the move, a smaller model is perfect for you. Small hair dryers are compact, lightweight and generally pack the same power and heat compared to their larger competitors and much easier to transport.

Read the following hair dryer reviews so you can choose the best hair dryer for fine hair that suits your budget and offers the solution to your specific fine hair woes.

Hair Dryer Technology

There are a number of somewhat confusing terms used to describe the various technologies in today’s hair dryers. Let’s have a look at some of the technologies currently on the market so that you can make an informed decision on the best hair dryer for you.

Ceramic hair dryers

Ceramic hair dryers are known for their ability to evenly distribute the heat and the heat provided is typically quite mild so they are less prone to damaging your hair

Ionic hair dryers

Ionic hair dryers actually break down the molecules of water which allows for faster dry and they also help to retain moisture of the air which provides long term health outcomes they’re also known to reduce frizz

Infrared hair dryers

Infrared hairdryers renounce the distance that provides even drying of your hair was also preventing that annoying heat that can build up on the scout not only can this be hot and painful but it can also cause conditions due to drying the scout

Tourmaline hair dryers

This is a semi precious gemstone and actually considered to be one of the world’s best ionic and infrared generators attacked by targeting negatively charged sections of hair and it breaks down water molecules allowing to faster evaporation it also has the effect of sealing in moisture within the hair providing fast drying of the outward moisture was not drying out the actual hair strands

Hair Dryer Accessories

When it comes to buying a hair dryer also some nice handy. Accessories that you can consider purchasing let’s take a look


If you like the idea of drying hair quickly without impacting on the silent diffuser is a great auction diffusers work by helping to lift and separate the hair to boost natural texture

Dryer brush

Sometimes you’ll find models come with an add-on accessory called a dryer broke this is a built-in bra and it helps with your styling need


Novels can be applied to the end of the hair dryer for more precise airflow

Auto shut-off

This is a handy little feature that turn the product off when it put down and back on again when you pick it back up, very handy exclamation mark

Cool shots

Is handy little feature revise a blast cool or cold air and helps with getting hairstyles after a blow dryer

Swivel Cord

Tangled cords can be a real problem and they can be annoying to hair dryer uses you can get around this issue by picking up a model with a swivel court that prevents tangles.