Essential Oils For Anxiety

Essential Oils For Anxiety

Anxiety can be quite a problem for some people and if unchecked, could lead to panic attacks.  Some common symptoms of anxiety include increased heart rate, breathing fast, feeling tense, profuse sweating, and shaking or trembling.  Many patients who suffer from anxiety are under medication but there are alternatives to dealing with this condition, such as using aromatherapy and essential oils.

7 of the top essential oils for anxiety

1. Clary Sage

Clary sage essential oil has numerous health benefits.  It’s capable of alleviating different kinds of aches and pains, plus it loosens the airways to help treat respiratory problems.  At the same time, it’s useful for anxiety because it has a relaxing effect on the nervous system.  It aids in releasing tension in the body and encouraging sleep.  Even those who are constantly fatigued will find that their symptoms improve when using clary sage oil.  To use clary sage oil, you can put a couple of drops in a diffuser and breathe in the vapors.  Other ways are to place several drops in your bathwater, or massage the oil on any painful parts of your body.

2. Rose

More than just an ornament, the rose can be used for medicinal purposes when you extract its oil.  The aroma from the oil is capable of easing stress and anxiety, as seen in one research on pregnant women who were in labor and about to give birth.  Those who inhaled the rose oil showed a decrease in nervousness and anxiety.  Another study showed how rose oil helped to lower feelings of depression in women who after giving birth are susceptible to postpartum depression.  To enjoy the pleasing scent of rose oil in your home, add a few drops to your diffuser.

3. Frankincense

Though known mostly for its lovely fragrance, frankincense also has therapeutic benefits.  It can soothe the body and mind and evoke feelings of calmness and peace.  People who are often stressed will find this oil valuable in reducing anxiety as well as lessening swelling and pain.  This is because inhaling frankincense oil has been proven to slow the heart rate and lower blood pressure.  Aside from that, it can also help promote restful sleep.  Just add a couple of drops of frankincense oil to your bathwater or let the oil’s scent permeate your home using a diffuser.

4. Lavender

The most popular essential oil with calming benefits is most likely lavender.  It’s frequently used to alleviate stress and loosen up tense areas in the body.  It also helps the body transition to a peaceful sleep.  One study even compared the effects of lavender oil with anxiety medications in patients with anxiety disorders and the results showed that the effects are about the same, though lavender has less negative side effects.  In addition to putting a few drops of lavender oil in a diffuser, you can also mix it with a carrier oil and massage this on to your skin.

5. Ylang Ylang

Extracted from flowers, Ylang Ylang is another potent essential oil for treating anxiety.  It lowers your heart rate resulting to a more serene frame of mind and gently reducing tension.  Not only that, it significantly improves mood and may evoke cheerfulness.  It’s also useful as a sleep aid and aside from that, it contributes to the regulation of high blood pressure.  It’s been known to fight inflammation as well.  Put a few drops of ylang ylang essential oil in your diffuser for inhalation or massage it together with a carrier oil on to your skin.

6. Bergamot

Bergamot essential oil can be used to effectively improve symptoms of anxiety.  It helps decrease stress in the body to bring about calmness and tranquility.  In connection to this, it can contribute to better sleep quality.  Bergamot is often paired with lavender for optimal results and a highly pleasant aroma. It’s also great for treating indigestion problems when combined with chamomile and used in massaging the abdomen.   The only downside of bergamot is that it may not be the best to use for sensitive skin, as it can lead to sunburn.  Use bergamot oil in your diffuser or bath to inhale the refreshing scent.

7. Chamomile

Used as an ingredient in sleep-inducing teas because of its soothing effect, chamomile essential oil can safely be ingested in moderation.  It also gives off a warm, relaxing fragrance that is excellent for relieving anxiety and agitation.  Some studies also suggest that it can even aid in strengthening the immune system.  Other than placing a couple of drops of chamomile oil in your drink, you can also place a few drops in your diffuser or apply it to your skin mixed with your lotion.

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