Epilady Reviews

When it comes to hair removal techniques, a top quality epilator will give you smooth, hair-free skin in a shorter amount of time compared to shaving. It gives you results that look similar to the effects of waxing but without the harsh effect on your skin’s surface. There are many epilator brands in the market and the pioneer that started this trend is Epilady.

If you’re thinking of purchasing an Epilady epilator, take a look at this Buying Guide and the bestselling Epilady models below.

Buying guide for epilators:

1. Cordless or corded

Cordless epilators are rechargeable and they cannot be used when they’re connected to a power outlet. Corded epilators, meanwhile, are more powerful than cordless types but they need to be plugged in to work.

2. Wet or dry

Some epilators can only be used on dry skin while others are designed to be waterproof so you can use them in the shower. Users say epilating is less painful when your skin is wet; however, the results are better and quicker when your skin is dry.

3. Other features

Additional features are available for some epilators such as a massager to prep the skin for epilating and soothe the skin afterwards and a built-in light to ensure you have enough illumination whether your room is well-lighted or not.

4. Number of tweezers

For beginners who want the experience to be less painful, you can opt for an epilator with lesser tweezers. The downside is that it will take you longer to finish epilating an entire area. Conversely, more tweezers mean you can finish more quickly but it can hurt more depending on your tolerance for pain.

5. Underarms, legs or sensitive areas

Epilators are designed for use on different body parts such as the lower legs and underarms. Most are used on the arms and legs, but some epilators are specially built with different attachments or heads for delicate areas like the bikini line and face.

6. Speed

There are usually two speed options for epilators: the higher speed is for quicker results and the lower speed is for milder epilation and lesser pain.

Top 8 Epilady products:

1. Epilady Esthetic – Delicate Facial Epilator

The Epilady Esthetic is a cordless epilator running on double A batteries. It utilizes a spring coil and must be used only on dry skin. This epilator effectively extracts tiny, thin facial hair on the cheeks, chin and upper lip. It’s travel-friendly, being compact and lightweight and it even has a handy pouch for storage. A cleaning brush is also included to clean it after every use and keep it working properly.

2. Epilady Epiflex Epilator

With its ability to produce more than a hundred tweezes, the Epilady Epiflex Epilator pulls up hair most efficiently. It’s cordless and water-resistant, to be safely be used in the shower. The head twists and bends to reach most areas of the body and go over curves with ease. It can also be brought with you when you’re traveling as it’s not only small and light; it’s dual voltage as well. It even comes with a LED light so you can clearly see the areas you’re working on.

3. Epilady EP-803-17 Facial and Sensitive Areas Epilator

Not many epilators can be used on the face and sensitive areas of the body but the Epilady EP-803-17 Facial and Sensitive Areas Epilator is perfect for these parts. This cordless epilator which only needs one double A battery is a compact device that weighs very little. The head is equipped with six tweezers for gentle epilation and accessories include a cleaning brush.

4. Epilady Speed Corded Epilator

The Epilady Speed Corded Epilator is fairly powerful for faster epilation. It has 20 pairs of tweezers to cover more areas in lesser time and it works on both coarse and fine hair. This corded epilator provides two speed settings, so you can opt for either a quicker or milder process. There’s also an angle guard attachment to keep the epilator tilted for ease and maximum efficiency. A cleaning brush is included as well.

5. Epilady Epic Chic – Corded Epilator

Designed to be easy to grasp and guide, the Epilady Epic Chic – Corded Epilator needs to be plugged in to work. It utilizes 44 tweezers and does a terrific job of removing both thick and thin hair. It can be used on most parts of the body, even sensitive areas if you can tolerate the discomfort. This small epilator is also convenient for traveling as it includes a cleaning brush and storage case.

6. Epilady Lady Bikini

You can wear any swimwear with complete confidence when you have smooth skin thanks to the Epilady Lady Bikini. This compact epilator is safe to use on delicate areas like the bikini line and it does not produce any adverse effects. This cordless epilator is also powered by one double A battery and it can only be used on dry skin. There are multiple settings for various hair lengths and you can use the comb attachment or remove it, according to your preference.

7. Epilady Legend 4th Generation Rechargeable Epilator

Epilady’s bestseller, so far, is the Epilady Legend 4th Generation Rechargeable Epilator. Its epilating head is wide for enough for speedy and continuous hair removal. The included guide attachment keeps the epilator slanted at the ideal angle for optimum results. It can generate more than 30,000 tweezes every minute and it’s dual voltage for traveling. This epilator is also one of the most convenient to use as it can be used both with the cord and without.

8. Epilady Trio Coil Epilator

Another top performing product from Epilady is the Epilady Trio Coil Epilator. This classic model has been trusted by users for years because of its ability to remove different hair textures and lengths, thick or thin, long or short, anywhere on the arms and legs. This corded epilator makes use of coils for smooth epilating action and it offers three speed settings.