Clarisonic vs Olay Pro X

clarisonic vs olay pro x

Your skin is vulnerable to damage caused by external factors, such as the frequent use of makeup or sun exposure. Some people suffer from bad acne for various reasons, which can greatly affect their self-esteem. This is why it is crucial to practice good skin care habits to keep you looking fresh and young.

In this article, two popular skin care products will be reviewed and compared: the Olay Pro X and the Clarisonic Mia. These two products have been delivering astonishing results, but how do you know which one best suits you? Read on.

Clarisonic vs Olay Pro X  

Clarisonic Mia

The Clarisonic Mia is just one of the many products of this popular brand. It works by cleansing your skin six times better than simply washing with your hands alone. What’s great about this one is that you can perform the cleansing in just 60 seconds, perfect for busy people.

The Mia prepares your skin for better absorption of serums, creams, and moisturizers. Clarisonic uses a patented micro-massage technology that promotes skin elasticity and gently removes the impurities. The inner bristles oscillate, instead of rotating, to polish the skin and get rid of the impurities easily. The device has a T-Timer feature that lets you know when it is time to move to another area. This feature keeps you from over-working the skin during the procedure.

The Mia skin cleansing system comes with a brush head. You can easily purchase other brush heads for a minimal cost. The brushes are for body brushing, deep pore cleansing, acne, delicate, and normal. This product works on two speed settings, but can be recharged. Furthermore, the unit is waterproof, and comes with a travel case. You can also choose from a wide range of patterns and colors.

This model, overall, offers a unique way of cleansing your skin. The oscillating bristles provide a gentle massage on your face. The unit works great on sensitive skin, too, and will not leave any irritation. Regular use of this product will result in clean, smooth, and rejuvenated skin.

Olay Pro X

The Olay Pro X is another popular skin care product that has received plenty of positive feedback from actual users. This skin cleansing system was designed to produce professional-grade results. You can easily find this in your local drug store.

The company claims that this system is created to cleanse six times better than the usual cleansing – something that the Clarisonic Mia can also do. Like the previously reviewed brand, the Pro X works to make your moisturizer work better on your skin after cleansing. The system includes a soft bristle brush head that is replaceable. The head rotates at two different speeds, and the whole unit is run by two AA batteries.

What’s nice about this one is that it is water-resistant, making it safe enough to be used in the shower. However, buyers with extra-sensitive skin should be cautious when using this product. While it is said to be safe on delicate skin, some users complained about suffering from rashes and other skin irritation. The safest way to cleanse sensitive skin is to set the brush at the lowest level. Despite this, the Pro X still delivered when it comes to cleansing and exfoliating, making your skin baby soft with regular use.


Both the Olay Pro and Clarisonic Mia deliver great results on the skin. These two systems are on par when it comes to leaving the skin feeling and looking renewed. Clarisonic’s bristles, however, move faster than the Olay Pro X. The oscillation on Clarisonic is also gentler on sensitive skin than the Pro X. If you have the budget, the Clarisonic is the better option, but the Pro X also does a great job and is more affordable.