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CC Cream vs BB Cream: Which Should You Buy?


CC Cream vs BB Cream

When you think of beauty, there are so many brands and products that are geared towards helping you to improve your looks and still maintain your uniqueness and class. However, it’s not that easy when it comes to making a selection of what products to buy over which one and why. Every new day, new brands come up with new creams with unique ingredients. Some of the common names that you will come across are BB cream and CC cream. BB is an abbreviated form of Beauty Balm while CC refers to Color and Correct.

This pushes most of us to a point that perplexes us to know all these products and the benefits they offer. Some of these creams include the BB and CC. You wonder what they are and which one to use over which. In this article, we will discuss a few differences and similarities and try to find out which one fits your skin perfectly.


  • Both creams have almost the same results during application
  • They have the same ingredients and geared towards finding the same results
  • They both have crucial properties such as moisture, sunscreen, primer and serum
  • They focus on giving you as the user with an enhanced skin look
  • They all protect your skin from sun damage
  • They both have natural ingredients to protect your skin from aging
  • Both cover the entire skin blemish for that protected look

How they differ

Although these products tend to have the same factions there are a few things that they do not match up like the ones listed below:

  • CC cream provides an anti-dullness cover. You don’t have to apply a large amount. Just as the name suggests, CC ensures perfect complexion; whereas, the BB cream does not have so much color variations and only works best on reddish skins.
  • BB cream concentrates only in covering the sports on your face while CC cream has ingredients which work better on improving the sports.
  • Anti-aging components in BB creams are not as effective as the once on the CC cream product.
  • When you are wearing makeup, using BB cream makes you save time since you don’t have to apply it so much to have its effects on protecting your skin unlike with CC cream where you have to spend more time to get perfect results.

Although all these products work perfectly and do not have major side effects, you need to be aware which cream is good for you based on your complexion. Not all of us have the same skin that is why results may vary when it comes to beauty and makeup application. Therefore, it’s good to know what works best on which skin conditions.

BB or CC Cream for Sensitive Skin

BB cream is the perfect product for any sensitive skin. It has a hypoallergenic ingredient and fragrance-free plus it has a miracle skin protector to ensure that your skin does not suffer any aftermath conditions.

BB or CC Cream for Oily Skin

For oily skin, you need a product that is less oily to have the perfect collection. Thus, making CC cream as the most preferred product for yo0ur skin. It has a matte texture and it’s less oily.

BB or CC Cream for Natural Looks

If all you want is to look natural, then you cannot go wrong with either of the creams in your handbag. They will all help you have the natural feeling and confidence. However, BB cream easily keeps your skin feeling lighter to some point why you may not feel you are wearing makeup or not. It gives you a sheer cover which targets the blemishes thus making you feel extra natural.

BB or CC Cream for Anti-Aging

CC cream is the best product for this service. It is the complexion corrector. It ensures that it cleans all the aging signs on your skin and removes the blemishes to reveal a soft and clean skin.

When you buy either cream, you will certainly note the difference from other products in the market. Improve your makeup collection with these products and join hundreds of other users who have gained promising results.

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