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Best Zumba Shoes For Women (2016 Zumba Shoe Reviews)

best zumba shoes

Zumba is an intense cardio dance workout designed to burn calories and fat while you learn and perform fun dance moves. The best Zumba shoes will shift your focus from hot, sweaty feet that feel trapped inside a stiff sneaker, to focusing on improving your dance moves and getting the best Zumba workout possible!

Best Zumba Shoes 2016

best zumba shoes

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The best shoes for Zumba workouts include the following characteristics:

  • Breathability: Your feet need to breathe, not be trapped in a sweatbox during your workout!
  • Flexibility: How can you dance your way to a thinner, healthier you if you’re wearing stiff shoes?
  • Comfort: This goes without saying that focusing on a blister forming shouldn’t happen during Zumba
  • Stability: Your shoes should promote stable motions so you avoid twisting your ankle
  • Lightweight: You don’t want to feel like you’re lifting a ton of bricks every time you perform a step!

The best Zumba shoes will not only fit your foot, but will allow your feet to breathe during an intense Zumba workout, which often means a mesh material is used to make the shoe. The amount of padding you need is likely different than your best friend, so try on different shoes until you have the level of comfort you need to get a good workout.

Best Zumba Shoes For Women

Bloch Women’s Boost Dance Sneaker

Why we consider it as the best:

  1. This pair is tops in comfort and breathability with its mesh and suede shoe body
  2. It has built-in arch support and elevation for user convenience
  3. Price level favored by most users

Finally, flexibility with stability are essential features of the best shoes for Zumba workouts. Lightweight, flexible shoes allow you to pivot, twist, and turn without fighting against the shoe. Stability relieves pressure on joints and will help prevent injury. Now that you’re armed with the basics of the best Zumba shoes, let’s move on to the top 10 best Zumba shoes for 2017.

Best Shoes For Zumba

Shoe BrandAmazing FeaturesUser FeedbackPrice LevelOur Rate
ASICS Women’s Rhythmic 3 Cross Training ShoesLace-up shoe with breathable mesh upper with supportive logo overlays at sides, FluidRide technology for bounce-back & cushioning, Flexible FluidAxis technologyVery goodMedium4.5 / 5
RYKA Women’s Exertion ShoePivot point on sole, Lightweight low profile performance, Lateral stabilityVery goodMedium4 / 5
Zumba Energy FuzeSoft and flexible fit with leather overlays on toe and heel for stress points on impact, Z-slide technology, 52.89% Mesh/47.11% PolyurethaneVery goodMedium4 / 5
Capezio Women’s DS24 Rockit Flat, boxed toe for toe stands, Padded Achilles notch for comfort, Perforated arch for ventilation & breathabilityVery goodLow4 / 5
RYKA Women’s Dash ShoesLightweight with breathable mesh upper with supportive overlays, Reinforced toe, Padded tongue and collarVery GoodLow4.5 / 5
Bloch Women’s Boost Dance SneakerMesh and suede, Built-in arch support and elevation for maximum comfort, Lightweight midsole provides maximum cushioning Very goodVery Low4 / 5
RYKA Tenacity High Top Training ShoesLace-up with adjustable hook-and-loop strap, Padded tongue & collar, Precise-Return insole for cushioningVery goodHigh4.5 / 5
Zumba Women’s Z1 Dance ShoeBreathable mesh for soft & flexible fit, Z-slide technology, Z-compress to reduce the force of impact Very goodMedium4 / 5
RYKA Women’s Influence 2 Training ShoeRe-zorb cushion system, Dual foam sole for extra cushioning, Ergonomic sole unit design for more natural movements, outstanding traction & supportVery goodMedium4 / 5
Nike FlexImported mesh rubber sole, Internal forefoot bootie, Soft Phylon midsole core for cushioning Very goodHigh4.5 / 5

ASICS Women’s Rhythmic 3 Cross Training Shoes


best zumba shoes

Image courtesy of Asics.com

Although Asics is known for their excellent selection of running and cross training sneakers, they also offer zumba shoes for women in the form of Rhythmic 3 Cross Training shoes. As the next generation from the Rhythmic 2 shoes, these are currently only available in all black. These are the best shoes for Zumba workout because they are flexible, lightweight, and perfect for dance fitness. These Zumba shoes are best suited for ladies who don’t need arch and insole support, and the padding is a little light. However, as dance sneakers for Zumba, they are a great choice!

RYKA Women’s Exertion Shoe

When looking at a list of the best Zumba shoes, Ryka Zumba shoes are sure to make the list more than once (they have four spots on this list!).  The Exertion shoe is stylish and works well for high-impact dance fitness. Ryka’s Exertion Zumba shoe gives you arch support, excellent cushion, and improves your stability so you can concentrate on dancing away the calories.

Zumba Energy Fuze 

The best Zumba shoes are supportive, flexible, and lightweight, and these Zumba Energy Fuze sneakers check all the boxes. With a wider toe box, breathable mesh, and leather overlays on the heel and toe, your feet are protected and you’ll have a more comfortable workout. They also look great with various shades of bold blue, you’re sure to love the look as much as the feel!

Capezio Women’s DS24 Rockit 

If you are an advanced Zumba dancer, you might want to consider the Capezio DS24 Rockit dance shoes, as they offer a split sole. These Zumba shoes were designed with a flex-point system, so they are incredibly flexible and lightweight, which lets you focus on improving your advanced dance skills.

RYKA Women’s Dash Shoes

Again, some of the best sneakers for Zumba are Ryka Zumba shoes, and their women’s Dash sneakers are both easy on the eye and the feet. Constructed with lightweight, breathable synthetic fabric, they are stable, flexible, and supportive. These are the best Zumba shoes for women with narrow feet, as the extra cushioning will help stabilize a narrow foot so you can get the best Zumba workout.

Bloch Women’s Boost Dance Sneaker

On the list of best sneakers for Zumba are the Bloch Boost dance sneakers for women. These dance sneakers are best suited for advanced dancers who crave increased flexibility during their dance workouts. These are good shoes for Zumba because they enable you to safely twist, turn, and slide without losing stability during an advanced dance workout. They are also very comfortable, lightweight, and breathable, making them the perfect choice for advanced Zumba dancers or instructors.

RYKA Tenacity High Top Training Shoes

If you’re looking for Zumba high top shoes, then look no further than the Ryka Tenacity high top training shoes. The high top design ensures extra support for anyone with weak ankles, and the extra cushioning throughout the shoe itself provides increased support and stability. Although theses Zumba high top shoes aren’t initially as flexible as some of the other shoes, they do break in and become more flexible without losing their supportiveness.

Zumba Women’s Z1 Dance Shoe


The Zumba Z1 dance shoe was created by the people behind Zumba workouts, which means they incorporate the most important factors of the best Zumba shoes. They offer two pivot points for easier turning and twisting during workouts, but with the concentration on stability, these dance sneakers reduce pressure on your knees. These are also ideal for those with wide feet who need arch support.

RYKA Women’s Influence 2 Training Shoe

The last Ryka Zumba shoes on this list is the Influence training shoe. They’re offered in multiple colors, and are stylish yet comfortable, as are all the Ryka Zumba shoes. These have excellent padding throughout the shoe, so your foot won’t slide around in the shoe during a dance workout. The extra padding makes this Zumba shoe not ideal for those with wide feet, but for those with standard or narrow feet should give these a try.

Nike Flex

Although the Nike Flex is listed as a running shoe, it shares all the top qualities of the best shoes for Zumba, and many Nike fans love these shoes for Zumba-so they earned a spot on this list. The Flex use Breathe Tech construction to ensure optimal airflow while being extremely lightweight. They also have a bootie design, which is snug on the foot, and, like its name suggests, is incredibly flexible. You have full range of motion, excellent support, and a lot of fun color options to make these an excellent choice for function and fashion.


best zumba shoes

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Stop wearing your everyday sneakers to your Zumba classes! Instead, try on some of these dance sneakers for Zumba until you find the perfect pair that incorporates all the comfort and stability qualities you need. Not only will wearing one of these dance sneakers for Zumba improve your workout, but you can advance your skills with increased flexibility and support from shoes designed for dance workouts. So what are you waiting for?

Zumba Shoes Buying Guide

Doing the zumba means dancing to the rhythm of hot Latin beats. As you move to the beat of salsa, reggaeton and merengue, your sweat drips on your face. This type of fitness exercise involves a lot of twists turns, and stomps that could end you and your friends laughing.

But with these moves, you need a different kind of shoes to go with it so you can enjoy and not ending worn out every time you perform your routines. It requires a keen set of eyes to be able to obtain the right type of shoes. Zumba shoes are not just your ordinary walking shoes. It has to be flexible enough to support the feet that dance to continuous beats.

What to Look For When Choosing the Best Zumba Shoes

Choosing the best shoes for zumba means you have to look for specific shoe attributes which include comfort, lightweight, support, exact grip, and most of all—breathability.

  1. Comfort: This is the most important factor that you should look for in every footwear you want to own. Your feet should be comfortable enough without the need of choosing where you would step on. Zumba moves can take you several steps away from your original position. This means you are to opt for shoes that can cushion your feet and not hurt it after your routines.
  2. Support: Support takes second lead in selecting shoes. Because there is a series of jumping, sliding and spinning, make it a point of getting something that can keep you secure while performing some high impact movements.
  3. Lightweight: Trainers that are lightweight are perfect for your zumba class. Heavy shoes are not suitable for dancing as you could not perform routines farther than step number 5 with them. Chances are you will wind up sitting on the bench and nursing a sprain foot or worn our joints.
  4. Breathability: Sneakers that allow your feet to breathe are ideal for your dance fitness. The dance which usually lasts for an hour or so can make your feet feel hot as it starts to sweat. Sweating feet is just all right but a pair of shoes that do not allow it to grasp some air is a no-no. Breathability is one of the best shoe qualities you can find in medium to higher priced shoes. Therefore, never expect to get some air from a pair that is sold for cheap.
  5. Exact gripping capacity: Shoes that grip your feet so hard can make you squirm in pain at the end of your fitness class. You don’t need something that has more traction than comfort when dancing. Some zumba aficionados claim they would end up developing cramps and injuries before they end their sessions using tight shoes.

Since dancing requires you to be light, and flexible, you also need to be comfortable so that you can easily concentrate on your next moves. Otherwise, how on earth can you perform the succeeding steps using something that seem to hold you securely on the ground and immobile?


Athletic shoes are not at all good to use when it comes to dancing. Since there are so many of them around, you can choose a pair that has the abovementioned quality to further your dance fitness goals. The best so far is a pair of aerobic shoes or dance sneakers or you can choose real dancing shoes.

But sometimes, zumba is taught in floors that may easily wear out dancing shoes as these pairs are only good when performing in wooden floors. One of the drawbacks when wearing dancing shoes is they are not fitted with the right support.

Always remember that zumba is a fitness and not ballet or contemporary dance which requires dancers to wear the thinnest footwear in order to be light as air. This type of fitness dance is more on the exercise end which needs trainees to don a pair fitted with slim rubber outer soles to avoid slipping on the floor.

Advantages of aerobic shoes

These are designed to provide stability to users as well as agility. They help lessen stress on the soles due to the cushioned sole feature and best for pivoting, turning, moving from side to side, and most of all, they provide you with support whenever you land on the floor.

Disadvantages of aerobic shoes

You cannot use this pair of shoes outside for walks in the park, trails, or running and this is because of the slim grip they provide on the feet. If some users found their way to hiking trails wearing this type of shoes, expect them to complain about slipping on the road.


If you think you have digested enough of this article and agree to what we have told you. Then, you should be fine in deciding which kind of shoes you must be wearing on your next zumba schedule.