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Best Mini Flat Irons: Top 10 Options Compared For 2017

Best Mini Flat Irons

Social gatherings can put a lot of pressure on many people. There is an expectation to look great no matter what because you will meet people whom you have not seen in ages. This is why you need to have handy hair styling tools that will make it easy for you to look awesome anywhere you go. One such tool that is very handy is a small hair straightener. Let’s take a look at the best options available…

Best Mini Hair Straightener

BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Mini Flat Iron

Why we chose this:

  1. Made by one of the absolute best brands in the industry
  2. Lightweight, fast to heat and easy to use
  3. Exceptional user review and rating history gives fantastic peace of mind

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Most travel flat irons today come with many useful features for a reasonable price, unless you go for the big names in the industry. Many of them will even come with a durable and styling carrying case that makes it easy for you to bring it along. With so many hair straighteners on the market, this article will give you a list of today’s best mini flat irons that you can consider, so you can finally achieve your desired look for your upcoming party.

Best Mini Flat Iron 2017

Best Features
User Experience
Price Level
Our Rate
BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Mini Flat Iron < View it at Amazon.comAvailable in ½” & 1” affordable versions with dual-voltage switch for traveling purposes; fixed temperature but can style anytime.ExcellentAffordable4.8 / 5 < Our Top Pick For 2017
Infiniti Pro by Conair ¾-inch Tourmaline-Ceramic Travel Flat IronCompact design with tourmaline ceramic technology can create some flicks but not complicated curls; dual voltage with heat-resistant pouch for portability & safety; comes in corded and cordless versionsVery GoodAffordable4.4 / 5
Wazor 1/2-Inch Ceramic-Tourmaline Technology Hair StraightenerPurple flat iron perfect for travel due to its lightweight & compact design; unit includes travel pouch & uses ceramic-tourmaline technology for easy heat up & cool down fast; dual voltage, corded model stretches to a max of 1.6mVery GoodAffordable4.4 / 5
Conair Travel Smart Compact Hair StraightenerFeatures dual-voltage for travelers & uses easy heat-up ceramic technology & even heat distribution; fitted with LED indicator light + free storage pouch GoodAffordable4.0 / 5
Inverto PRO 1-inch Titanium and Ceramic-Tourmaline Flat Iron1” flat iron using ceramic-tourmaline and titanium technology for salon-grade results; affordable unit comes with long swivel cord for convenience; adjustable heat setting of up to 450˚F.Very GoodExpensive4.4 / 5
2-in-1 Mini Travel Flat IronDual-voltage flat iron affordable for all users with all features you need for styling while on the road; heat is constant at 374˚ & comes with an insulated travel pouch; heats up & cools down easily GoodAffordable4.0 / 5
MHD Professional 0.5-inch Mini Flat IronAffordable high-quality flat with tourmaline-ceramic floating plates for smoother & frizz-free hair styling; features anti-slip grip & produces enough heat for all hair types; heat is on constant levelGoodAffordable4.1 / 5
HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat IronDual voltage travel size flat iron with infrared heat technology & floating plates for easily styling; temperature adjustable from 240 - 410˚F with ionic technology to keep hair frizz-free; curls, straightens, and flicks hair Very GoodAffordable4.5 / 5
CHI Air Compact 3/4-inch Ceramic Technology Mini Flat Iron A bit on the expensive side but worth it; comes with ceramic-tourmaline plates that heat up fast; can be used on damp hair; uses ionic technology to reduce frizz and static GoodAffordable4.0 / 5
VAV 2-in-1 Travel Flat Iron 2-in-1 model - straightener or curler; priced higher but runs on high quality performance; dual-voltage option; easy heat-up tourmaline-ceramic plates up to 400˚F, LED indicator light + long swivel cord GoodHigher Price4.0 / 5

Use our mini flat iron reviews guide to find the top small flat iron for your needs in 2016 and 2017!

HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron

This travel-sized flat iron is the one to go for when it comes to styling on-the-go. It is capable of leaving your hair looking like it has just been done in the salon. Thanks to infrared heat technology and floating plates, you can easily style your hair without worrying about damage.

You can change the temperature between 240 and 410 degrees Fahrenheit. The ionic technology keeps the frizz at bay, making it ideal for use when traveling to humid and hot places. Since it has a dual-voltage, you can easily use this flat iron anywhere across the globe with an adapter. Its barrel shape allows you to straighten your hair, or create curls and flicks. The unit comes with a travel bag for added portability.

Infiniti Pro by Conair ¾-inch Tourmaline-Ceramic Travel Flat Iron

Conair is a popular brand in the industry. This Infiniti Pro flat iron can be your travel companion, thanks to its compact design. It uses tourmaline ceramic technology that works to smoothen and straighten your hair. You can also do simple flicks when necessary, but it will not allow you to do the more complicated curls.

Despite the lack of styling options, this is a great flat iron for travel as it features dual-voltage. The heat-resistant pouch also provides portability and safety. This model comes in corded and cordless versions, so you can freely choose whichever will best suit your needs.

Wazor 1/2-Inch Ceramic-Tourmaline Technology Hair Straightener

This cute purple flat iron is perfect for travel because of its lightweight and compact design. The unit includes a travel pouch to keep it safe. For a bargain price, this flat iron uses ceramic-tourmaline technology that allows it to heat up and cool down fast. This feature is crucial when you are always traveling, and there is a demand to have salon-styled hair every time.

This technology also works great in keeping your hair strands healthy and smooth, even with frequent use. The dual-voltage capacity means you do not have to worry about using the flat iron in other countries. It is important to note that this model is corded, but stretches up to 1.6 meters and swivels for added convenience.

Conair Travel Smart Compact Hair Straightener

Travel Smart by Coanir Travel Mini Hair Straightener
List Price: $23.59
Price: $23.56
You Save: $0.03
Price Disclaimer

The Conair Travel Smart flat iron has dual-voltage options for people who love to go places. It uses ceramic technology that lets it heat up fast and style your hair without causing damage. The even heat distribution makes your hair well-styled without burning the strands. What’s great about this technology is that it heats up to the highest temperature in just seconds, perfect for your busy lifestyle. The LED indicator light will tell you whether the flat iron is left on. Furthermore, there is a free storage pouch that comes with the unit, so you can pack it away in your luggage.

Inverto PRO 1-inch Titanium and Ceramic-Tourmaline Flat Iron

The Inverto PRO is a one-inch flat iron that features ceramic-tourmaline and titanium. These two technologies allow the flat iron to produce salon-grade results for a reasonable price. It comes with a long swivel cord that allows you to move around with ease. It also has an adjustable heat setting, which you can set up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

The dual-voltage allows you to travel around the world without worrying about whether it would work in other countries or not. This unit comes in black and white, but the latter costs a few dollars more. Best of all, the ergonomic design ensures comfort and ease of use.

2-in-1 Mini Travel Flat Iron

This dual voltage flat iron will not cost you much, but it has all the necessary features that you need to style your hair during travel. It comes with an insulated travel pouch to keep your flat iron safe and secure. The heat produced is constant, as well.

While the temperature cannot be altered, it is set at 374 degrees, which is safe for use on nearly all hair types. The good thing about this one is that it heats up and cools down quick, so your precious time is not wasted. It is also easy to switch between straightening and curling with this model, which you can do at the flick of the switch.

MHD Professional 0.5-inch Mini Flat Iron

The MHD Pro is one of the most affordable high-quality flat irons today. You do not need to spend so much on a good hair straightener. It has tourmaline-ceramic floating plates that work to produce smooth and frizz-free hair. In addition, the anti-slip grip makes styling effortless and worry-free. The only possible downside would be the lack of an adjustable temperature, but the heat it produces is enough to be used on nearly any hair type and length.

BaByliss PRO Nano-Titanium Mini Hair Straightener

This Babyliss Pro flat iron is one of the most popular models on the market today. The brand has already made a name in the hair styling industry, which is why it made it on this list. This flat iron is available in 1/2- and 1-inch. The price will vary, depending on your chosen size, but both versions are affordable.

This blue flat iron has a dual-voltage switch, meaning you can use it to style your hair anywhere across the globe. The on-and-off switch is also convenient to use. The only downside is the fixed temperature, but the heat is just enough to style your hair during travel.

CHI Air Compact 3/4-inch Ceramic Technology Mini Flat Iron

The CHI Air Compact flat iron is said to be one of the best around. You may have to pay a little more than the rest of the models here, but the quality is well worth it. Its ceramic-tourmaline plates heat up fast, so you can quickly style your hair without worrying about damage. What’s nice about it is that you can use it on damp hair. The ionic technology helps reduce frizz and static, keeping your hair smooth and healthy.

VAV 2-in-1 Travel Flat Iron

This rose gold flat iron is a 2-in-1 model that allows it to work either as a straightener or curler. It comes with a higher price, but the quality will tell you why. It has a dual-voltage option, and tourmaline-ceramic plates that heat up fast up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The LED indicator light will tell you whether the unit is on or off, while the swivel cord is long enough for ease of use.

These are the 10 best travel flat irons today that you can check. Each model offers a different set of features, so pick the one that will work best for your needs. As long as you have all the right information in your head, choosing the best mini hair straightener will definitely a breeze.

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Mini Hair Straightener Buying Guide

The abundance of hair straighteners on the market today could easily confuse you and choosing the best product, which works perfectly for your type of hair, requires some careful consideration. Following is a guide to buy best hair straighteners for your specific hair type.

Fine – A standard size iron would work in many cases; take notice when you have fine hair as well as applying heat. Always make use of a thermal protection product before using any straighteners. A few straighteners will proffer a changeable temperature attribute.

Thick – A standard size iron would work comfortably, you might find you require high temperature, therefore opt for an iron that could warm up quickly to higher than 180c. If your hair is longer and thicker than your shoulder, opt for a wider plate straightener at least four cm.

Curly – For curly hair, it is recommended to use a standard but use in combination with the products that assist to relax your hair.

Problem Areas – For the problem areas of hair have you reflected on a mini or a micro straightener, these could be used to aim particular hair or areas that require attention. They even make a helpful travel companion.

This would help in selecting a range of hair straightener, keep in mind when applying any sort of heat to hair, and ensure you utilize a thermal protection product before applying heat to check your hair remains in superb condition.

If in doubt regarding the size, always select a medium plate model. Such models could be utilized if you opt for a long or a short look, though not perfect they would do a satisfactory job. Straighteners could be costly for a quality pair, by selecting the correct pair you could find longer use as well as return for your investment.

Once you purchase the product that works best for you, you need to learn how to use it properly as well. You should only try to style hair, which is healthy and not too dry, and you should always use the straightener only when you have time. Rushing could be disastrous and in order to avoid burning, you should purchase good hair spray as well. In case you are not getting the desired results, speak to your hairdresser or stylist, and take the time to nurture your hair to a healthy state before making another styling attempt.

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