Top 7 Best Lube Options for Anal Sex

Top 7 Best Lube Options for Anal Sex

Anal sex is fun, but it does require the use of quality lube to boost the excitement. Lubes are long-lasting, slippery, and easy to clean up. They are condom safe, too. Lubricants for anal sex come in various types, which will be discussed later in this article. They are designed to reduce friction, and make the experience even more enjoyable. Read on to know more about lubes and how to find the best one.

Quick buying guide

There are many kinds of lubes to choose from, and finding the best one can be difficult. Here are the most important factors to consider when buying lube for anal sex:


There are three major types of lubes: water, oil-based, and silicone. If you are using condoms, then it is best to avoid oil-based lubes to prevent possible breakage. Natural oil-based alternatives, such as olive oil and coconut oil, should also be taken carefully.

Silicone- and water-based lubes would be your best bet when using condoms. However, the best type would still depend on your personal preference. Many of those who do anal sex prefer the silicone-based lubes.


It is extremely important to check out the product label, and read every bit of information in it carefully. Determine whether it contains any harmful ingredients, particularly glycerine, paraben, or any desensitizers or numbing agents included at high amounts. These ingredients may cause unnecessary risks that your body will pay later on. People with sensitive skin should first consult with their doctor before using any lubricant to ensure safety.


These lubricants come in different price tags. Some will cost you three digits, while the decent ones fall between the $10 and $30 price range. The best way to see whether a lube’s price is reasonable would be through product reviews. Reading customer feedback online will help you see which product is worth the investment.

Thick or thin

Lubricants can be thick or thin. A thick lube lasts longer, and is often recommended for anal sex. It also does not dry up quickly, meaning there is no need for frequent re-application. The anus does not produce any natural lubricant, which is why a thicker lube will keep the area smooth and slippery. Both thin and thick lubes will help reduce discomfort and pain, as well as make your anal sex experience pleasant, but the only way to see which is best is through trial and error.

7 Top Lube Options for anal sex experience

Anal Lubricant by Turn On

Turn On is a popular personal lubricant. This silicone-based product is designed for anal sex. It will give you that long-lasting comfort and fun, thanks to its water-proofing properties.

The product will give you a sensual start, and a mind-blowing finish. It will not leave any sticky residue, and you can easily wash it with warm water. Its dice cap is easy to use. The lube can be used with any sex toy, and is even compatible with polyurethane condom, natural rubber latex, and polyisoprene.

Elbow Grease H2O Thick Gel

This water-based lubricant ensures longevity and consistency. It lasts long enough to give you a climactic finish, thanks to its thick gel. Furthermore, this lube is one of the most long-lasting water-based lubes that can perform close to a silicone-based product. It comes in large bottles, but a small amount will go a long way, so you can save more money in the long run. Another reason why this lube is so popular is the fact that it plays well with any sex toy you use, making it a versatile option.

Swiss Navy with Clove

This silicone-based lubricant offers premium quality experience. It improves your sexual satisfaction and pleasure. The package comes with clove for added comfort, and to improve your sexual experience.

The lube is long-lasting, as well, thanks to its high-grade ingredients that are safe and effective. Using it will give you the smooth and slippery feeling that you desire. It is not absorbed by the skin, while helping with dry and sensitive tissues. It is also compatible with polyisoprene condoms, latex, and any sex toys. Best of all, this lube is ingestible so you can use it during oral sex, as well.

Passion Lubes Maximum Strength

This water-based lube is not only long-lasting, but is also odorless. It will help increase your comfort level during sexual activity, thanks to its extra strength formula. This powerful numbing agent has five percent lidocaine, a fast-acting ingredient that takes effect in just a few minutes. Additionally, this lube is safe to use with any types of condoms and sex toys. It is, however, recommended that you use the product sparingly to avoid any risk of injury.

System Jo H2o

This lube is water-based, but gives the feeling of silicone. The good thing about this product is that it does not contain any numbing agent or desensitizers to ensure a safe sensual glide. It is also 100 percent latex safe, and works with any type of toys.

Thanks to its high viscosity, the lube is thick enough to give you that long-lasting fun. You can use it for anal sex, with any sex toys, and for masturbation. It will not leave any stain on your body or any fabric, and can easily be washed away with running water.

Wicked Sensual Care

This water-based lube is completely glycerine- and paraben-free. It also has a well-balanced pH level, so it is perfectly safe to use on sensitive skin. This thick gel stays where you desire it to be, and will not get runny. It is compatible with toys, and does not contain any numbing agent. Applying a decent amount will provide that adequate wetness you need to reduce the pain and discomfort.

Cleanstream Relax Desensitizing

This lube is water-based, and contains desensitizers to prevent discomfort and pain during anal sex. The numbing effect is only minimal, just to ensure a pleasurable backdoor play. You can also use it with any sex toy without any issue. There is no irritation or burning sensation. You will even feel a bit cold upon application, which makes the sexual experience even more exciting.

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