Best Home Planetarium: 2017s Best Star Projector Revealed

Best Home Planetarium

Important things to consider when buying a home planetarium

Choosing the best home planetarium, or star projectors as they are often referred to, allows you to enjoy spectacular night views lit by bright stars, all in the warm fuzzy comfort of your home. If you are planning to buy a new home planetarium, this guide is the best place to start.

Learn what features to look for, available types, and the best star projectors to choose from.

We recommend

Aurora Borealis Night Light Planetarium

Why we love it:

  1. Projects a calming Aurora Borealis Starry LED Light Show.
  2. Great for teens, boys or girls ‘room.
  3. 12 different LED colors with 1-hour auto-shutoff & tilts up to 45°+ connects to mp3 player

Key features to consider

Projection – Star projection is the most basic and most important function of a home planetarium, sometimes also called a star projector. A projection of 50,000 stars and above is good enough. If your budget allows, go for more than 50,000 stars but this may be overkill for basic home use.

Optics – Optics are important as they determine the quality of the projection (sharpness). Optics also determine the type of viewing experience you get from your projections.

Color – A star projector can be colored (projecting a range of colors) or monochromatic (projecting different hues of the same color such as red or green). If you want a versatile projector that can be used for home entertainment, choose one with multi-color functionality.

Size – You want a unit that is compact and lightweight since it is for home use. You should be able to move it around easily; place it inside a room to project on a wall or take it outside and project onto the exterior of your house.

Static or movable – The best home planetariums have a rotating function that enhances your viewing experience. You can turn this function on or off by simply pressing a switch. Not every person enjoys a rotating projection though but it’s good to have this nifty feature nonetheless.

Best star projectors to consider

Home planetariums come in two types: toy projectors for kids and the pro units for adults.

  • Toy types are built for kids’ enjoyment. They are typically used to ‘tuck in babies’ at bedtime using mellow lights and soothing music.
  • Pro types are more advanced, professional-grade projectors that can create as close to an actual planetarium presentation as possible. They work by recreating a presentation of the night sky on a flat screen or surface. The type of planetarium you buy depends on what you want to achieve.

The Best Brands

There are a number of top brand names when it comes to home projectors. Here are a few mentions to consider:

  • Sega Homestar – Widely considered the best brand for home star projectors, perhaps partly due to the fact that it holds a singular place in the history of home planetariums as the first consumer home projector that had a semblance of realism to it.
  • Lightahead – Another solid brand with a multitude of powerful home projectors.
  • Uncle Milton – This is another popular brand with a plethora of products in top ten lists.
  • Bresser Astro  – A little less known than others on the list but has some good units. It’s also one of the cheapest brands and should appeal to first-time buyers.
  • Smithsonian – Known for good optics. Has many beginner-friendly types of projectors.
  • In My Room – Another beginner friendly brand popular for kid types of projectors.

Wrapping Up

With these pointers, it should now be easier for you to make an informed choice when buying a new planetarium. When all’s said and done, it boils down to what you are looking for and how much you are willing to part with.

Best Home Planetarium 2017

Planetarium NameFeatures We likeUser FeedbackPrice GuideOur Rating
Aurora Borealis Star Projector < View at user reviews, very bright, sturdy and affordableGreat!Higher5 / 5 - Our Top Rated Product For 2017
Le Petit PrinceVarious colours, adequate lighting and great price.Very goodCheap4.75 / 5
Uncle Milton Star Theater ProOne of the most comprehensive displays on the marketPoorHigh4 / 5
Ocean Wave Night LightGreat review history, reasonable price and functional.Very goodCheap4.5 / 5
Uncle Milton Starry Night LanternAffordable and functional, good value for a cheap price.Very goodCheap4.5 / 5

Best Star Projectors 2017

7. Uncle Milton Star Theater Pro

Uncle Milton Death Star Planetarium Pro Kit
List Price: $178.44
Price: $118.26
You Save: $60.18
Price Disclaimer

For a person who is searching for the best planetarium for home, this is a unit you would need to consider. With an optical star projection framework, this framework is extremely robust as it keeps going for a more drawn out time. Evolving shading simple for you to extend brilliant star in your entire bathroom space. It has an engine for pivoting pictures for helping you work this unit without any difficulties. It has a flexible concentration helping you to alter the level as indicated by your particular inclinations.

Check it out!

6. Aurora Borealis Night Light Planetarium

This is one of the planetariums that you ought to consider securing for your bathroom. It simulates the stars on the roof of your bathroom or the dividers. It likewise offers eight variable lights that will make you unwind from stress. You will appreciate the inbuilt speaker with adjustable volume in addition to they have the auto shutdown highlight to empower you to save money on the influence in the event of a one-hour dormancy. This implies one can utilize it while in bed holding up to nod off. It can tilt at an edge of up to 45 degrees without breaking. It’s light source originates from 9 LED in addition to three laser lights. With this unit, you will change your bathroom into a place for most extreme unwinding.

5. Le Petit Prince Twilight Galaxy Projector

This is a standout amongst the most famous planetarium that is accessible in the market. It’s additionally utilized by a few people to change their child’s nurseries into a starry heaven to make them quiet while they are sleeping in them. It is touch enacted and has productive numerous shaded LEDs which ventures stunning varieties of stars on your bedroom dividers and roof. The contact initiated area of its shell body gives you a scope of hues to browse. The tones are programmed shading evolving mode, blue, green and orange. At last, it is anything but difficult to perfect as it is made given a plan that has kids as it has a bolt which keeps youngsters from getting to the battery compartment prompting to a lessened incident that can happen if they get to that zone.

4. Uncle Milton – National Geographic – Starry Night Lantern

This in another adequate gadget that you ought to endeavor to use in your home. It proves to be useful in helping you make your particular planetarium in your bathroom, making it a standout amongst the most beautiful place in your home. The planetarium is easy to use for anticipating stars on your roof and dividers, both amid the day and amid the night. It’s bolstered by an engine which is capable with the goal that it can convey one of the best execution and result in your bathroom. If you are a star mate in your bathroom, this is the best that you can decide for your bathroom. This gadget makes you remain in the bathroom pleasant and engaging since your regular world has been conveyed to your room. This will change your bathroom state of mind to help you unwind.

3. Ocean Wave Night Light Planetarium

This is another respectable gadget that you ought to endeavor to use in your home. It proves to be useful in helping you make your planetarium in your house, making it a standout amongst the most beautiful places in your home. The planetarium is easy to use for anticipating stars on your roof and dividers, both amid the day and amid the night. It’s upheld by an engine which is capable with the goal that it can convey one of the best executions and results in a beautiful star projection.

2. Night Lighting Lamp

This era of the planetarium has four pieces LED beds of red, blue and warm light the match well with the three push catches that are ABC. It is little commotion with the new engine that pivots the gadget. The unit will extend the stars on the roof or the mass of your bathroom, making in incredibly significant in connection. Fitted with an auto shutdown mode, it spares the vitality without overlooking that it is ecological cordial. It is waterproof, making it appropriate in the bathroom.

1. Ohuhu Ocean Wave Night Light Planetarium

This is a brilliant decision for a sentimental air when it is utilized to enliven your room. It’s unwinding and calming as it makes a large, splendid show for you are engaged. It offers eight brilliance modes which change consequently to show a beautiful bathroom. It can be fueled by battery or a USB connector giving you a scope of the decision to work with. The unit additionally has a programmed shutdown, helping you unwind or rest. It additionally has a speaker worked into alleviating you with flexible tines. It is one of the planetariums with the best portability and adaptability.

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