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Best Hair Straightening Brush

Best Hair Straightening Brush

Hair Straightening Brush Buying Guide

For some time now, flat iron has being used by many people for straightening their hair. There is however something new and better now which you can use in place of flat iron. This is the hair straightening brush, as it is more efficient than using a flat iron, which sometimes creases the hair. It also has the ability to get hotter much faster compared to the flat iron, as the hair straightening brush can within 8 seconds, get as hot as 365oF. It is the ceramic plate at the brush’s base that heats up. If you are clumsy, you are much safer using this brush, as the probability of scalding yourself is as low as zero.

Using the brush is also very easy. All you have to do is use the minus and plus buttons on the brush to adjust the temperature while using the display to note what temperature you have selected. You can use a lower temperature for areas of your hair that straightens easily, while you use a higher temperature for the parts that requires more heat to straighten.

If you are looking forward to buy a hair straightening hair brush, then, here are some factors you should consider.

The Plates

Most hair straightening brush buying guides have rated the plates as the most important part of the brush. I also agree with them as this is because it is the part that gets hot as well as use for straightening your hair. Therefore, you may want to ensure that they come with tourmaline technology, ceramic technology or other great technologies that are of very high quality. This is to ensure that it does not begin to malfunction within a short while and that you will be able to use it for a very long time. Currently, the ceramic technology is the most common type as it heats up very quickly, neutralizes excess positive ions in your hair by releasing negative ones, so that you get a shinier and smoother hair at the end of the day.

The Bristles

The bristles of the brush are also vital as you will not want the brush to break your hair, while you are using it. Furthermore, low-quality bristles could start falling off after a few uses and then you will have to change it. You should, therefore, look for good bristles that will comb your hair properly without breaking it as well as the ones that will not start removing within a short while.

Handle and shape

You should also look out for the handle and be sure that you are comfortable with it. This is because you might have to sometimes hold it for a long time to straighten and style your hand. You will not want those that will start to pain your hands or make your hands tired within a short while. You should also go for the shape of brush you are comfortable with. Hair straightening brush with circular shape seems to be the most popular type.

Once you are able to get the factors listed in this hair straightening brush buying guide right, you will be able to get an efficient brush that you will be able to use for a long time.

Top 8 Hair Straightening Brush Reviews

Best Features
User Feed back
Price to Expect
Our Rate
USpicy MCH ceramic plate heats up 450℉/ 230℃ max; 7 temperature levels, unique heat insulation; 360° swivel cordVery GoodLow4.2 / 5
Sela Straightening Brush Simple & easy-to-use - designed for faster hair straightening; safe to use on damp hair holds 30 ml water for 15 mins; 5 temperature controlsGoodModerate3.5 / 5
STRAIGHT UP Ceramic Straightening Brush Heats up in 30 secs & maintains consistent temperature across brush surface; 65 ceramic heated plates; cool tip ionic bristles has smooth non-grip surface + 7 heat settings in digital display GoodHigh4.0 / 5
Nylea Straightener Brush Paraben & chemicals free; combines simple & attractive design with built-in safety & ultimate functionality; ready to use, stress-free hair straightenerGoodModerate3.8 / 5
NeBeauty Professional Hair Straightener Heats up fast & evenly; adjusts to all hair types; temperature settings caters to each type of hair strand + 1-yr warrantyExcellentModerate4.5 / 5
LittleBlack Hair Brush Among the easiest, fastest & safest tools to straighten hair; uses ceramic heat technology; straightens hard to reach areas, prevents burns, saves time + protects hair from damage GoodLow3.5 / 5
Braun Satin Hair 7 Releases millions of active ions to restore hair back to healthier shine; uses Seamless bristle technology & cuticula protection; removable cushion pad GoodModerate3.2 / 5
Apalus Hair Straightening Brush Power switch & heat UP/DOWN keys lock in 5 seconds when power is on; features in-house technology temperature control; fast 1-min heat up, 25% longer plates + brush construction great for root straighteningGoodModerate3.8 / 5


The bristles are much thinner than other brushes so that it can get to almost every section and strands of hair. No more worrying, sitting in the office wondering if you’ve switched off the straightener. It shuts off automatically after it’s been on for an hour. It is a great favorite with young people because it’s small and easy to use. It has seven settings for temperature and you can choose the amount of heat you want to apply to your hair. It has an anti-scale design and a LED display for temperature. Its MCH Ceramic Plates heat up in no time.

Sela Straightening Brush

This hair straightening brush is ideal for people with thick, stubbornly curly hair. It’s got the regular features like anti-scald bristles that protect your scalp and skin from scalding and anti-static technology that prevents your hair from getting frizzy over the hours. Apart from all this, its bristles are thick. What this means for those of you who have thick hair is that they won’t break while you straighten your hair.

STRAIGHT UP Ceramic Straightening Brush

This is a powerful brush if you want the salon look at home. The brush heats up instantly and it’s got 65 ceramic heat plates that maintain the temperature evenly throughout the surface of the brush. Also, you don’t have to wait after brushing each section of your hair because this brush will not lose heat. This is to make sure that the entire length of your hair gets the same heat. You can set the heat to your preference from the 7 settings beginning from 330 ºF to 450 ºF. The cool tip ionic bristles will allow you to style your hair from root to tip without burning yourself. You can move it whichever way you want with its swivel cord. Now, step out with shiny, frizz-free hair that looks salon styled, every day.

Nylea Straightener Brush

Other than a LED display for temperature it can conduct up to 110 to 240 volts of electricity. Its 360º, anti-winding cable makes it easy to move around and style your hair exactly the way you want to. It will take care of your hair too because it is free of paraben and chemicals. Moreover, it is 10.5″ in length. It is also easy on the purse.

NeBeauty Professional Hair Straightener

The NeBeauty hair straightening brush has ceramic plates that heat up real quick so that you get smooth, straight hair in just minutes. This hairbrush straightens your hair, can be used as a curling and a flat iron. So you kill three birds with one stone. It also smoothens your hair, detangles it without breakage, and curls your hair in a few minutes. Get shiny and frizz-free hair at home. It’s got temperature control that helps you set the temperature according to the type of your hair, at the push of a button.

LittleBlack Hair Brush

If you have never straightened your hair before, it’s a good idea to start with the LittleBlack hair brush. It is small and easy to use. It heats up faster than a straightening iron due to its ceramic heat technology. You’ll always know how much heat you are using on your hair with the LED temperature display. The swivel cable is two meters long. So you have the freedom to move about while straightening. Also, you needn’t worry about accidentally keeping it on because it shuts off automatically. Last but not least, it is very reasonably priced.

Braun Satin Hair 7

If you want naturally straight looking hair, this is the brush for you. It switches off automatically once you stop using it. So, if you forget to switch it off in your haste, there is no fear of accidents. This hair straightening brush is cordless. It runs on battery and is so compact that you can carry it around in your purse. While straightening it discharges a jet of active ions that keep your hair from being frizzy and dry and makes your hair shine. Its bristles are all natural which pamper your hair without breaking or drying it. The cushion pad can be removed to clean it out after use. It also has a protection pouch that you can carry it in.

Apalus Hair Straightening Brush

If you are looking for naturally straight hair that is also styled, this is the hair brush for you. Its anti-scald technology will protect your skin from accidental scalding. This straightening hair brush not only straightens hair but also massages your scalp. You can alternate between massaging your head and straightening your hair with its straightening irons. It has also got a special brush for detangling your hair preventing damage to your hair while straightening. And it comes in pink!

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