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Best Hair Brush For Curly Hair

Best Hair Brush For Curly Hair

Different people have different types of hair, length, and volume and having a curly hair is one of the concerns of most of the ladies because it takes time for them to make their hair glamorous because their hair tends to frizz more every day, that’s why they have no choice but to go to an expensive salon to treat their hair so the frizz on their hair will be less than before. But with the right hair brush that suits your hair type and length, you will worry less about styling your hair and you should know when to replace your brush to avoid damaging your scalp and hair breakage.

You can ask your friend or an experts opinion about which hair brush to use that will suit you and your hair’s lifestyle. There are different types of brushes, some are best for blow-drying, some are best for certain hair types but these are examples of the best hair brush types which you would be certain of.

Best Hair Brush For Curly Hair

User Feedback
Price to Expect
Our Rate
Paddle BrushBest for detangling all hair types & helps reduce unnecessary hair loss; may be made of plastic or wood; also good for blow-drying hair Very GoodAffordable4.7 / 5
100% Natural Boar Bristle BrushAllows for better hair grip with bristles helping even oil distribution throughout the scalp; best for smoothing edges and hair texture; can last for years GoodAffordable 4.0 / 5
Round Type BrushPerfect for straight hair, goes with plastic bristles & may come with or without padded tips; makes up for brushing hair using more tension for sleek & straight blowout style Good Affordable 4.0 / 5
Round Nylon BrushHelps to add up volume, nice bevel or curl; best in holding heat unlike the 100% boar bristles most especially when blow drying the hair often or simply styling itGood Affordable 4.1 / 5
Nylon/Plastic Bristle BrushGood for smoothing hair; bristles are long & firm that helps smooth hair especially the edges and stretches it out Good Cheap 4.0 / 5
Denman BrushGood detangling tool & best for blow-drying short to medium length; helps add body & bevel; bristles are smooth - prevents hair from snagging ExcellentAffordable 4.8 / 5
All Purpose BrushPerfect for smoothing & straightening hair; helps dry up hair faster & safer; equipped with rubberized handle to maximize grip control - less effort and dropping Good Cheap 4.3 / 5
Detangling Wet BrushWide bristles don’t pull hair even when wet; glides smoothly & good in removing tangles; perfect to use while blow drying hair Very Good Cheap4.6 / 5

Paddle Brush

This brush is best for detangling hair types. This brush will help you smooth your hair from detangling; this kind of brush will help you reduce unnecessary hair loss that is some of the reason of girl’s insecurities. Some of the paddle brushes are made from wood and plastic that should be used with caution, but it depends on what comforts you on using. The smooth and round plastic tips help prevent hair from breaking or damaging the scalp which eventually leads to dandruff and hair breakage and to the max, more hair problems.

The paddle brush is also good for blow-drying your hair, which can help your hair add up more, texture which can highlight your hair, glow and add volume and can help you from standing out with a hair that everyone would be jealous of. Achieving the smooth and sleek look will boost up your confidence and perseverance to fix your hair every day. Just remember to replace your paddle brush when it starts loosing the plastic tips on the end of the bristles. Losing the plastic tips will tug your hair and will tend to start ripping and breakage for your hair.

100% Natural Boar Bristle Brush

The soft boar bristles are made from natural boar fibers that would help your hair for better grip every time you brush, your hair will would be better than any using other synthetic brushes. By the help of its bristles, the natural oil from your scalp will distribute naturally through your hair that makes it smoother and glowing. Boar Bristle brush is best for smoothing the texture of your hair and edges.

Boar bristles brushes are the best type of brushes especially when it is 100% natural with no synthetic or plastic fillers that can damage your scalp and can cause your hair’s breakage that could lead to hair loss. This type of brush can last for years with proper caution brushing. But when you notice that the bristles are no longer straight that is the perfect time to replace it to avoid trauma and split end.

Round Type Brush

Round brushes are perfect for straight but slightly loose curled hair type. They feature plastic bristles and comes with or without padded tips, depending on what type of round type brush the user wants. The round brush is used by brushing your hair with more tension to have a sleek and straight blowout style that you could do alone.

When you noticed the bristle starts to fold and does not stand straight like before, you have to replace it right away. Because losing its protective tips will begin scratching and ripping your hair and scalp that can cause more damage without caution while brushing and might get worse in the future.

Round Nylon Brush

This type of brush will help your hair add up its volume and give it a nice bevel or curl. The round nylon brush is best in holding heat unlike the 100% boar bristles most especially when you are blow drying your hair often or just simply styling your hair. The brush’s bristles are normally formed around and often made without the tips. Whenever you begin to notice that the brush is catching your hair and the bristles are no longer straight that is the time to replace the brush.

Nylon/Plastic Bristle Brush

Plastic bristle brushes should be used with caution or it will cause damage to your hair; however, these types of brushes is good for smoothing your hair if you like to ponytail or up do it often. The bristles are long and firm that would help you smooth your hair especially the edges and help it stretch out.

Stay cautious when using this type of brush importantly if you did not detangle and stretch your hair out properly because it would cause hair damage that can lead to hair fall or hair loss. Replacing your plastic bristle brush must be applied and considered every time the bristle won’t stand up straight and whenever it’s beginning to catch your hair.

Denman Brush

The Denman Brush is said to be a good detangling tool and is actually the brush that suits best for blow-drying especially with short to medium length and would help add body and bevel whenever you blow dry. The bristles are smooth which prevents hair from snagging, with different spacing of the bristles you can style your hair more likely which you desire.

You must cautiously brush your hair when you detangle that causes hair fall or breakage that may add up more in the future. You might end up ripping your especially when it is tightly curled or kinky that makes it hard to brush or style. Remember that you should replace the brush when the bristles are not soft enough and if they are not standing straight. But this brush could end up for ages with proper use and proper hair brushing.

All Purpose Brush

This type of brush is perfect for smoothing and straightening your hair, after a ponytail or when you went to an event. When you are in a rush and you’re hair is wet this brush will help you dry your hair faster and safer. The rubberized handle will help you maximize your grip control to the brush with less effort and dropping.

Detangling Wet Brush

With its wide bristles that do not pull your hair even when you brush it wet, this brush will help you brush your hair without pulling your hair and snagging through, it glides smoothly with every stroke. It is good in removing tangles like magic. It is also perfect while blow drying your hair, you could also feel the brush massaging your hair while washing it. If you want to use it for good conditioning, this brush is best to use. The detangling wet brush can help you style your hair in every way possible and would also satisfy your styling requirements, especially for your curly hair.

Styling your hair and detangling it would not be hard anymore with the use of these brushes, just find the right brush that suits your hair and you will never have a hard time brushing like before.

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The brush, when used properly, keeps hair detangled and more manageable. It is used for styling the hair and making it look healthy and beautiful. Hair brushes also promote hair growth and create strong, luscious locks. They also help evenly distribute the hair’s natural oils, which are rich in proteins and nutrients.

There are a number of brushes on today’s beauty market, each designed with a specific purpose in mind. All too often, women buy hair brushes just because they put a little thought into the type they purchase. Keep in mind there are all kinds of styles and you need the one that is best for your hair. Just because a brush is your favorite color or you saw one at your friend’s house doesn’t mean it’s the brush for you! Buying the perfect hairbrush means creating perfect hair.

Here’s a no-nonsense guide to the top three hair brushes on the market:

The Round Hair Brush

This gives the hair curl, flair, layer, bounce, and volume. If you have long, layered hair, you will benefit best from a round brush. There are two types of round brushes one with thick bristles and one with bristles that are less dense and spread over a metallic surface. The metal brush is much easier to use and styles hair more effectively. There is only a thing to remember when you shop for a round brush; the smaller the circumference of the hairbrush, the tighter the curl will be.

The larger round brush creates excellent oomph and volume at the root of the hair and is best for long hair. Individuals with shorter hair should use a smaller round brush. Depending on the look you’re going after, you may want to use two different sized round hair brushes when you style your hair.

The Paddle Hair Brush

This is excellent for straightening medium to long hair. A paddle, unlike a round brush, does not circulate air. It creates a flat surface so it can smooth as it strengthens and lengthens the hair. This is great for women who want that fabulous hippie-straight hair look made famous in the 1960s. The paddle hairbrush comes in several sizes, each designed for a specific length of hair. For example, women with shorter hair should use the smallest brush. With long hair, round hair brushes are often used in conjunction with the paddle brush to give a curl to the ends.

The Vented Hair Brush

This has spaces in the center of the brush to create a sort of vent between the hair and the blow dryer. This is the most basic and simplest of brushes. When hot, vented air passes through the brush and hair, it dries the hair faster and makes it easier to blow-dry. These brushes also detangle the hair and boost overall volume.

When it comes to buying a hair brush, women in ancient Greece or Rome weren’t so lucky, ladies! The worlds earliest brushes were constructed of natural materials like shells, bones, coarse animal hair, porcupine quills, wood, bronze, and copper. Yikes! Women are not the only ones who appreciate the value of a good brush, of course.

Many of the world’s most dashing men use brushes to style their hair today. Even the Vikings, a bunch of the roughest, toughest men who ever lived, cared for their hair by using combs and brushes they made hundreds of years ago!