Best Daily Oily Skin Care Products

oily skinTaking great care of your skin can be a daunting task. There people with dry skin, sensitive skin, oily skin and combo skin. And for each type of skin there are enough skin care products to make your head spin. So we decided to take a poll on Reddit and find out about our friend’s favorite daily oily skin care products. Here are some of the responses from Reddit users:

Clean & Clear oil blotting sheets do wonders for the oil buildup in the middle/end of the day. I usually just use half of a sheet at a time, when I’m finding my T-zone a bit oily, and they dry it right up. They’re so great, and they come in a compact package that can easily be thrown into your bag. Definitely recommend!!


More oil, OCM.


I’m going to second the vote for OCM but be a little more specific with what was a total game changer for my oily skin: every morning before I wash my face with my foaming cleanser, I massage it first with safflower oil for a couple minutes. The results have been fast and incredible! It dissolves clogged pores and your skin produces less oil over all. Safflower also tends to be ok for acne-prone skin.


I have sensitive and oily skin, skincare is a harsh job at the beginning. I don’t have favorite products for my skin, but just take good care of it everyday. Sleep before 11 at night, no cigarette, no coffee, keep exercising, taking a mask every day before sleep. So, even I wear a makeup everyday, my skin is still shiny. I have to say,good habit is the most important part of skincare.


I made the switch to powder foundation and just apply it in very thin layers. Works wonderfully. Also vanicream sunscreen has helped a lot, it’s not greasy and thick.


The best thing I’ve done for my oily skin has been to use jojoba oil as a night moisturizer.


I really like Benton snail bee products, especially the high content essence. I think the skinfood vita- c moisturizer is awesome too! Shara shara lemon pore stick is awesome to take with you in your purse.


My favorite product for my oily skin is First Aid Beauty’s Deep Cleanser with Red Clay. It cleans my face very well without leaving it dry or overly cleansed. I use it in the PM. I just splash my face with water in the AM.


Simple Gel Moisturizer is a good, affordable moisturizer which has reduced my oiliness during the day. It’s available in drugstores in the US, but I think the best price is online.


[The OCM (Oil Cleansing Method) was mentioned more than once, and so deserves a little explanation. The OCM is simply using oil and a clean cloth to cleanse your skin, instead of using harsh cleansers and soaps.]

The responses here show that there are many different methods used by many different people to deal with oily skin. Drop us a comment telling us what works best for you, it may help the next person. And if you try any of the suggestions above, let us know about that too.

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