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Best Airbrush Foundation for Daily Use

best airbrush makeup

Whether you’re looking for the best full coverage foundation, best foundation for combination skin, or the best foundation for oily skin, making the decision to use airbrush makeup is a wise one. In the end, we all want confidence that flawless, blemish-free skin can give us. However, we weren’t all born with flawless, radiant, even skin. The best airbrush foundation will provide this and keep your skin looking natural. Too good to be true? Not anymore!

Choosing the Best Airbrush Foundation

Airbrush makeup used to be reserved for professional makeup artists who used it on the rich and famous. However, airbrush makeup kits are widely available for the everyday, at-home user, and are easy to use with a little practice.

Here are some additional tips for applying the best airbrush foundation so you achieve flawless, younger-looking skin.

  • Apply in light layers by spraying 1 thin layer at a time. Typically, full coverage doesn’t require more than 3 layers.
  • Hold airgun 4 to 6 inches from your face
  • If you don’t find your perfect shade, mix and match until you find the perfect shade for your skin.

The best airbrush foundation allows you to cover up blemishes, age spots, scars, redness, acne, and even tattoos!

Art of Air

best airbrush foundation

Image courtesy of ArtofAir.com

For the best full coverage foundation, Art of Air’s airbrush foundation delivers flawless, even skin after application. This is one of the best airbrush foundations because it not only allows you to control your coverage, but it nourishes skin and can help diminish redness, pores, blemishes, and even age spots. This airbrush foundation is applied in layers until you achieve your desired coverage, but even at full coverage the airbrush makeup won’t sink into fine lines and wrinkles, but continue to hide them.


best airbrush foundation

Image courtesy of Mayerstudios.com

AirPro earned a spot on this best airbrush foundation list for its excellent skin coverage and versatility. Despite being a lightweight foundation, it is highly pigmented, meaning that a little goes a long way. The best airbrush makeup should give you the ability to adjust coverage, color, and finish, and AirPro does. It is also oil, silicone, and alcohol free, and will last 12 to 14 hours with no touch-ups required.


best airbrush foundation

Image courtesy of Airbasemakeup.com

Airbase airbrush foundation is a silicone-based product, which is perfect for anyone who needs a foundation that won’t melt off in hot, humid conditions, as silicone is heat-resistant. Whether you work under hot lights or outdoors, this is the best airbrush foundation for anyone needing flawless makeup to last in less than ideal conditions. Airbase foundation also contains Vitamins A and E to improve skin elasticity, reduce the appearance of fine lines, and give protection to skin cells from free radical exposure.


best airbrush makeup

Image courtesy of Belloccio.com

Belloccio’s airbrush foundation is water-based but also contains anti-aging antioxidants plus moisturizers that work to give your skin a healthy glow. It is fragrance, oil, and paraben free, so it shouldn’t irritate sensitive skin. If you’re looking for best coverage foundation, this airbrush foundation is ideal for all skin types, provides full coverage yet feels light, and it lasts all day. If one of their pre-mixed colors doesn’t fully match your skin tone, simply mix and match until your perfect color is achieved for a flawless, youthful look.


best airbrush makeup

Image courtesy of Airbrushmakeup.com

Dinair is a pioneer in the airbrush makeup industry, and airbrush foundation by Dinair is free of oil, parabens, fragrance, and silicone. They make it easy to create a custom shade if one of their premixed foundations isn’t quite right. This airbrush foundation can go on sheer or opaque (and anything in-between), but the results are a radiant, glowing complexion that lasts all day. It also looks natural, so you don’t have to worry about looking like you’re wearing layers of heavy foundation. Instead, people will just wonder how your skin looks so flawless.

Kett Cosmetics

best airbrush foundation

Image courtesy of Kettcosmetics.com

Kett Cosmetics’ Hydro Foundation also earns a spot on the best airbrush foundation list as it’s easily blended to get a custom shade, easy to apply, and provides excellent coverage. It is silicone, fragrance, and paraben free, and although it was designed to be applied as airbrush makeup, it can be applied traditionally with fingers or a foundation brush. But, to achieve that flawless, natural, radiant glow that lasts all day, it’s best to use an airbrush. You can also mix it with a Kett Shimmer to achieve a dewy look.

Luminess Air

best airbrush foundation

Image courtesy of Luminessair.com

Luminess Air offers some of the best airbrush makeup on the market, and its airbrush foundation is no exception. It is designed to create a flawless yet natural look, and its Matte airbrush foundation is the best foundation for oily skin as it gives a powdery finish that works to reduce unwanted shine. Luminess Air’s foundations are also available in different finishes and include Satin for a natural glow, Silk for a dewy look, and Ultra, which gives a finish that balances matte and dewy. No matter what your skin type or color is, Luminess Air has an airbrush foundation for you.

OCC Skin

OCC Skin offers a water-based airbrush foundation that results in a powdery, matte finish designed to mimic natural skin. Although OCC Skin gives opaque coverage, it can be applied lighter to give a more sheer finish. Either way, it’s oil free and perfect for all skin types.


Temptu Pro S/B Foundation

best airbrush foundation

Image courtesy of Temptu.com

Temptu Pro’s S/B Foundation is a silicone-based airbrush foundation that gives you a flawless, dewy finish. It’s incredibly versatile, as the colors can be mixed to create a custom shade, and although it’s’ best to apply with an airbrush, it can be applied manually. It’s oil-free and will last all day, even under harsh conditions, so you will always look your best.

Temptu Aqua Foundation

best airbrush foundation

Image courtesy of Temptu.com

Temptu also offers a water-based airbrush foundation, Aqua, which gives full, matte coverage to skin. It is infused with Carnauba Milk and is lightweight yet will last all day. Your skin will have a flawless yet natural look, and won’t appear dry or cakey. You can achieve sheer coverage or add layers to reach full coverage and is a great choice.


Whether you’re looking for sheer or full coverage, the best airbrush foundation will have the flexibility to give you both along with a natural, lightweight, radiant and even complexion that lasts all day. I hope these airbrush makeup reviews will help you narrow down your choices and get you one step closer to flawless skin.